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Soma #ded
Jan 1, 2012
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Dec 12, 2015

Soma #ded

Time for a SOMARAND!, from on showdown ;_;

    1. Altaria
      nice swag
    2. Soma #ded
      Soma #ded
      Yeah, it's been a while. I blame the vacationing and mostly the TF2.
    3. braveswin11
      Have you played mafia recently? I haven't seen you D:
    4. FireyBladeII
      Hey, that's Quote, isn't it? Cave Story is awesome. :p
    5. Soma #ded
      Soma #ded
      No actually, my original name was ⑨uote, before cirno had auth. I made this avatar unknowing of Cirno, and I'm too lazy to change anything.
    6. Latimaster
      You fake impression of Cirno :c
    7. Soma #ded
      Soma #ded
      Citation needed.
    8. Expert Belt Latios
      Expert Belt Latios
      You are NOT Batman.
    9. kupo
      'ello~ :3
      Yay first post.
      Anyways we're opponents for the checkmate tour. First Pm Jin of the gale and me your king, when I do the same then we can battle. I'm in GMT +5
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    November 2
    on showdown ;_;
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    download my visual novel fam


    Soma's Mafia Rules:
    1. 99% of Soma's rands are bad. The other 1% will vote out the godfather, sephiroth, uranium, or the strongest bad PR.
    2. If Soma says "Time for a SOMARANF", he's gone haywire and is trying to rand but accidentally pressed f instead of d. Counterrand it.
    3. If Soma says "Time for a SOMARANF", he'll probably get slayed by Exploud, and it will be the one time he's the inspector. Make sure to laugh at him in the chat.
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