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Dr. Doom
Jan 1, 2012
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Oct 20, 2015

Dr. Doom

Long time hater of stall, from Latveria

Sorry I can't get on. Anything I could help you with now? Jul 10, 2015

    1. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Sorry I can't get on. Anything I could help you with now?
    2. viamage
      well i can't seem to get on right now, I guess i'll catch you at some later time
      1. viamage
        nvmd I just got on
        Jul 10, 2015
    3. viamage
      hey are you on showdown right now?
    4. Weavile
      When fite for NU Subforum tour also what name do you use on Server? I don't remember
      (I use Aisaka Taiga at the moment on the server)
    5. Zoroark
      Hello, I've been reading your analysis in the competitive Analyses forum and I must say, I like them all, they're very well explained and detailed, aswell as efficient. To be honest, an Analysis QC medal won't look bad on you o:
    6. Mysterion
      We also wanted to trade Aron and Togepi :)
    7. Mysterion
      Are you Chris btw? If yes I am sorry we can trade now
    8. The Dude
      The Dude
      Lol your inbox is full so I'll reply here lol

      No problem and I don't mind about Zangoose's level since I'm gonna IV breed it anyway. But yeah thanks :)
    9. ZoroDark
      Yeah ik you didn't call it a counter but i was just setting things straight for future posters
      also yeah i got #1 with just sylveon as a way to beat it as well because unlike in suspect discussions it doesn't always come in for free and it doesn't always predict the switch in perfectly!
    10. Daybreak
      hi i managed to get on the server earlier so stop rejecting pms
    11. Daybreak
      I might have to do it later on in the day of possible
    12. Daybreak
      out of curiosity what alts do you go by on the server cause it would make my life easier finding you, i'm daybreak on the server
    13. Daybreak
      i'm usually active on the server most of the time but it would be better for me to get it done before the 21st. gmt -5, u can usually fing me on tournaments
    14. Virizion
      Needs more awards IMO. :(
    15. Luigifan18
      Hey, are you coming back to your Create-A-Pokemon thread?
    16. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I'm not replying to that in the thread, because it's not relevant, but I'll reply here. I did contribute by virtue of countering your stupid argument. Ironically, your last post does not contribute to the thread in any sense.

      You have a history of poor posting in suspect threads spanning as far back as I can remember seeing you on these forums, which is pushing on two years now. In the Moltres thread alone, you've repeated yourself multiple times without actually replying to anyone in particular and have resorted to ad hominem at least twice in doing so. Maybe you should question your own contribution to any given suspect discussion before posting your doubts about others'. Enjoy the warning/infraction I suspect you have coming.

      With much hope that you stop posting in suspect discussions,
    17. User Name
      User Name
      Heyas, Dr. Doom! Here for a Monotype thing update. We're currently using this wiki: http://wiki.pokemon-online.eu/wiki/Main_Page
      Anyways, could you help finish up the Latis? Looks like they're here to stay, and I want to get Psychic added to the complete list, and you had finished everything else on the page anyways. Would be greatly appreciated :)

      Also, Xinc is helping out on the MonoWater page.
    18. User Name
      User Name
      I have no idea, since the things keep changing around, and I'm not sure which wiki we're using anymore--but in any case, just post anything new you've got on the forums if you're not sure, and edit the wiki if one of them can be edited. XD
    19. User Name
      User Name
      Yo, are you still available for work on the Monotype pages? We're still down quite a bit, and there's about 2 weeks before the first deadline at March 31.
    20. ZoroDark
      So hi, apparently we're opponents for the Ubers Subforum tour. It's break here, so I'll be on a lot on random times throughout the week and the weekend. You can always catch me in the #Tournaments channel. I'm GMT -6 btw.
    21. DSM01
      I can't contact you on the server because you're blocking incoming PMs.
    22. DSM01
      Mainly alts. Look for DSM01, wormaDAYUM, the chillest villain, or Mr. Pectacular.
    23. DSM01
      When are you usually on the server? I caught a glimpse of you one time around 7 pm your time but I haven't seen you on other than that.
    24. Edgar
    25. SteelEdges
      Check your PMs.
    26. Altaria
      Every time I see someone using Scarf Genesect, Extremekiller Arceus or Darkrai, I find myself praying they get run over by a bus. Am I a bad person?
    27. Blitzamirin
      Hi, I'm your opponent for Dasd's tour (Gift something)

      My time is GMT -4

      Schedule a time ~
    28. Arceus
      Wanted to let you know it is proper to use it instead of he, she, him, or her unless a Pokemon only has one gender. I fixed up your wiki article a bit to reflect that.
    29. Aurist
      252Atk Choice Band +6 Adaptability Darmanitan (+Atk) V-create in Sun vs 0HP/0Def -6 Dry Skin lvl 1 Shedinja (-Def): 240233200% - 282627600% (2402332 - 2826276 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.

      gg :3
    30. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Try Dry Skin Shedinja in your sig. :)
    31. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Click on my link in the previous message, create an account, and start editing! In the search bar, type in "Category:5th Gen OU Analyses". It will bring up a list of all the 5th gen analyses, and you can either modify them or create a new one.
    32. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      If you aren't already on the PO Wiki, that would be a great place to put your analyses.
    33. SupaSayiaJin
      Hello,long time no see.Hows your theme going on?
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