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Jan 2, 2012
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Dec 11, 2017
    1. Spy
    2. faxxifer
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    3. galbia
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      2. SockPuppet
        why are you posting here
        Feb 21, 2015
      3. galbia
        Feb 21, 2015
    4. galbia
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    5. Wepwn
      Hey we gotta battle for the OU sub-forum Tour. What GMT are you and when will you be free?
    6. Yuki's Sword
      Yuki's Sword
      Mmm you're here too. ★u★ I KNEW IT!
    7. Redew
      sock poopet
    8. Sov
      Come back. ;~;
    9. Lutra
      Well, I won't be modifying it for v2 it in the old script. I'll just implement the v2 version it in the new script. I did start work on it, so expect it to be in for the next script update. At the moment I have no idea how much I will be scripting on PO - but if I looking from what I've done in the past, the longest breaks tend to be under 2 months. It could well depend on my interest in PO. A lot of my interest in PO decreased when Stadium was not implemented in V2 because writing analyses and competing in Stadium OU/Ubers were niches I could do. Certainly, new versions of PO v2 that address the problems it has over PO v1 would alleviate the stifling that I, and probably others, feel.
    10. Lutra
      Oh sorry, I feel tired. For some reason, it's now hiding things in tags. I changed it to
    11. Lutra
      /// REPLACE THIS IN V2 ////
      var srctier = sys.tier(src);
      if (tour[channel].tourtier != srctier){
      sys.sendHtmlMessage(src, "<timestamp/><i>Sorry, you are currently not battling in the " + tour[channel].tourtier + " tier. Change your tier to " + tour[channel].tourtier + " to be able to join.</i>", channel);
    12. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      cool, and sorry for delay. i've been away a lot/don't check forum vms much.
    13. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      For the big items page? It's best to give it a description, but feel free to prioritize the ones with competitive impact.
    14. Redew
      Hey, cutie ;) Smogon's fun, isn't it?
    15. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      Awesome avatar
    16. zeroality
      Excellent. Yep, ete is really good at putting people to work lol.
    17. zeroality
      How you doing? Need something to work on?
    18. zeroality
      Oh, yes I'm done with that project. So I'll be online a lot again now.
    19. zeroality
      We are in the midst of forum/wiki/site redesign, overhauling badges, and a bunch of stuff.

      So I'm going to be busy day in and day out for a while, but don't let that discourage you from messaging me.

      It's just easier if you do it on VM/PM here so I can respond to all my messages at once. Anyway, what's up?
    20. Blitzamirin
      It's a randomizer site :x
    21. zeroality
      I can probably find something, but go ahead and finish what you got on your agenda first.
    22. Blitzamirin
      just copy paste the url lol
    23. zeroality
      Actually, I didn't realize tour guidelines were done on Wiki. http://wiki.pokemon-online.eu/view/Tournaments

      I'm gonna update the link/sticky. You can pick another assignment though, no need to wait - and you can start whenever.

      Edit: Replied to you about Trivia.
    24. zeroality
    25. zeroality
      The "right/left/center" perspective stuff in Positions can be a bit confusing. Perhaps a diagram (on a screenshot) or a rewording?

      Attack Effects first paragraph is really confusing too. Everything else looks alright for now. Let me know when you've made revisions so I can have Leon proofread. Looks pretty good in that department so far though.

      As for me getting on the server, my activity is going to be reduced this week. I'll be able to get on the forums a few times a day but I have IRL projects to take care of atm.
    26. DaPlayaFlow
      ok well i'll be a minute then i need to download po2 and put my teams in
    27. DaPlayaFlow
      lmao you read my mind. are you right to play on PO1?
    28. DaPlayaFlow
      how about now
    29. DaPlayaFlow
      can you give me an idea of what time and day exactly you will be online so i can try to find you
    30. DaPlayaFlow
      Ok well I am available for most of the day, especially night time and I am gmt +10. Let me know what time roughly you would like to play and I'll see if it works
    31. Treecko
      Hey, sorry I haven't been available for a while. I can play almost anytime tonight (after 10ish gmt-5), so just give me a time.
    32. Treecko
      I'm actually away on a trip now, and I won't be back until Saturday. After that I can play almost anytime though.
    33. SPS
      11 so pretty close
    34. SPS
      yea my friend rated it the best out of the other 6 pictures i showed him, ill be changing it back since no one likes it lol
    35. Kumiho
      Oh yeah, shoot. I forgot to edit it. T_T
    36. big ed
      big ed
    37. Sweetie Luv
      Sweetie Luv
      lol, didn't know you couldn't tell this was a mime jr. lmao
    38. Halsey
      Yes you obviously know who is getting a badge better than me.
    39. Sweetie Luv
    40. Kumiho
      Lol, I still have to do a crap ton. I have been so lazy.
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