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A Moon Gust
Jan 7, 2012
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Dec 26, 2017

A Moon Gust

dot, Male, from Earth

dot Jul 13, 2014

    1. A Moon Gust
    2. A Moon Gust
      A Moon Gust
      my birthday is on July 10, im finally turnin 14 x_x
    3. A Moon Gust
    4. Shadow Sneak
    5. TGW
      Yo bro, we gotta battle for the OU Doubles tour. Just PM me on the server when you see me On. :]
    6. Virizion
      Okay, same time good?
    7. Virizion
      I just noticed I can be online until 10:30pm on weekdays and almost all day at weekends. Wanna try tonight (Wednesday) at 4:30pm your time (9:30pm my time)? :)
    8. Virizion
      Hi, you're my opponent for the UnderUsed Moves Tour.

      I'm GMT+0 (UKian), what GMT are you? I forget these things lol, but I'm pretty sure you're the same as me.
      I can be on mainly from 4pm-9pm my time, unless something happens. What times can you be on? I know I see you often so this match will be EZ to do - we're both based gods y/y

      And good luck, and ACCEPT MY FRIEND REQUEST DAMNIT! :<
    9. Daybreak
      hi we fite for poyt. tell me a good time for you to play and i can problably play at that time as well
    10. Princess Luna
    11. Finchinator
      What did I do?
    12. Candy princess
    13. Fille
      Ey bro, we're Opp's for the lower tier tour! yk my alts and shit, GMT +1 :o Will see you on the server (hopefully)
    14. Finchinator
      What was the team?
      Just saw the edited OP
    15. Finchinator
    16. Finchinator
      Strong pokemon are bound to win at pokemon.
      Glad I have POCL and other tournaments to look forward to, no worries on my part! :]
    17. Gerry97
      Hey, we are opponents for the PO Tournament. My Timezone is GMT +1, just write some dates when we can battle pleasse.
    18. Roku
      Alright, you have been unbanned on the server. The user you reported moved on to other people, I apologize for the ban, though it did seem highly suspect, and most of the authority agreed.
    19. Roku
      I banned because it was highly suspicious. It took you 10 minutes to provide the screenshot, and it had a different font, as well as extra white space. If you want, you can dispute your ban in the disciplinary committee.
    20. Darkkis
      PokeWorldBW said he could host a server for us... But there are no mod downloads yet.
    21. Darkkis
      Well, the project is still on.... But i haven't worked on it for a while :/
    22. ZoroDark
      I'll be usually on on the alt XcluslZoro
    23. ZoroDark
      We should see each other around than.
    24. ZoroDark
      Heym, we have to battle for survey tour. I'm GMT -6 and I'm usually online 5-8 in weekdays and almost all day in weekends. Let me know something!
    25. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hey I'm GMT-5, we need to battle for the walkthrough thing. When can you do it?
    26. Nexus
      lets play now
    27. Nexus
      When are you online
    28. Altaria
      by the way, gratz for being my 100th VM-er

      you receive no medal
    29. Altaria
    30. Altaria
      why does everyone know i'm yuna

      spammed min because jin doesn't ban properly, i need to study and PO is a huge distraction. :<
    31. Altaria
      stalked you a bit and *audible gasp* you're false alarm! hi.
    32. GreenWater10
      lol, i saw this name on my friend list and was wondering who you were. hi shadic.

      Also, I think I owe you this:
      Congratz Shadic, since you were the only person who was alive in BGO for a short period of time (the rest were all dead), you get this reward, another post on your visitor message. we should play BGO one of these days.
    33. Pkrs
      When I said ready? is because you were connected :facepalm:
    34. Pkrs
    35. Pkrs
      today and tomorrow all day in the forums, let me know when you want to play
    36. Blitzamirin
      We are opponents for the UU tourney.

      I'm GMT -4. Just schedule a time.
    37. Mutalisk
      ill respond to what you said to IFM.

      Youtube is undergoing certain changes and it is causing many glitches its not a problem that IFM can fix it lie with Youtube itself.

      i hope this cleared it up for you
    38. Pkrs
      whenever you want
    39. Expert Belt Latios
      Expert Belt Latios
      You got hit with a permaban? What for?
    40. GreenWater10
      lol. same thing as PokeWorldBW. Anyways, I was debating on whether or not I should add this comment, as it would give u another page of visiotr messages, and that's what u were trying to do. I wanted to send this as a pm, but I decided to be nice and give you the extra page. Now u have 2 pages with visitor messages! u must feel very special!
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    i plan to be a professional artist sum day, help me achieve my dream, check out my album pls
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