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Not L
Jan 9, 2012
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Apr 10, 2014
    1. Zzyzx Road
      Zzyzx Road
      Low HP Locke :/
    2. KM007
      Also move wide lens to a high up spot 28 ish or so wherever there is aleftovers and swap them, also put zoom at 21 ish area give or take a few wherever a lefties is, make razors kill chance for kill 2 5% as well
    3. KM007
      Quoting Tesla on this
      From Life orb: "it has a 10% reveal to kill yourself" what
      Life orb again: "After all that power the Life Orb needed to recharge and was revealed to be Name." should be ~Self~
      Note that Leftovers has hax on team commands in the help message.
      Flinch Rock is extremely OP. It's a village aligned Meta Knight, for crying out loud.
      For flinch rock put it back to 1 daykill but one that works only 30% of the time, if that isn't possible just make it 70% reveal.

      have to put it in 2 messages since it wont let me have more than 1000 characters.
    4. KM007
      Not L, tesla elesa pointed out some valid flaws in the help msg's, just a few typos and stuff, also some balance issues, if you could make e belt the miller instead of focus sash, and make focus sash evade nk's that would be great. The Help text for focus sash would be : You are the Focus Sash, because you normally let a pokemon survive a 1hko, you have a 80% chance to evade ALL Night actions used on you(Including Distract, and Inspect, btw don't include this parenthesis). Use your unique powers to help your team win! Also can you make the spawn lists so a game starts with 7 players, not 5.
    5. KM007
      Thanks in advance

    6. KM007
      Not L, Beast Charizard said that there were too many killing roles in the theme items, I attempted to fix it...... but I can't code at all. Just got JSON error message. I want them all to share a kill. The band to get +2 vote. The specs to get a voteshield of -2.
    7. GreenWater10
      Your first VM was 1 year after you made your forum account.
    8. Not L
      Not L
      I'm EST, too. I should be on 8pm-10pm tomorrow (Saturday), as well as a good bit of the day. If you see me, just shoot me a message
    9. pokemonisfun
      hi guy C:

      we must play for uu tour i will prefer if you can arrange a time with me over the weekend i live in est or gmt-5. vm me when you have an opening time. if you see me on PO my username is pokmonisfun so you can pm me there too. c:
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