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Jan 14, 2012
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Sep 25, 2020 at 4:12 AM

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(゚⊿゚) Apr 21, 2014

    1. DarkDiglett
      Sounds good.
    2. Croak
      Yes, I'm EST as well. 5-9 PM usually is when I get on.
    3. Croak
      What's your time zone?
    4. Jalmont
    5. Fegelein
      We're opponents in Derp Tour
    6. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      no johns tour i see you all the time

      have fun
    7. braveswin11
      We're opponents in the Greatest Gift of All tour.
      I have already sent my team and my timezone is GMT -5. I'll probably find you on #Jalmont Mafia anyways :3
    8. Fosco
      Meow! I've been looking 4 u these days because of Top tour, I couldn't battle before because stuff... the deadline is today :x When can you get on?
    9. Micaiah
    10. Altaria
    11. braveswin11
    12. Water
    13. Michael
    14. waehofen
    15. Sov
      A++ name change.
    16. Jalmont
    17. Michael
      Nice name change
    18. Dasdardly
      Well, that is where we differ.
    19. Dasdardly
      not to get off topic but with hax items, the user is sacrificing something that is consistently beneficial (be it leftovers or life orb or whatever) for something that they know full well might not work out. sand veil / snow cloak on the other hand are intrinsic to the pokemon that have them and require no such sacrifice to use.
      Regardless, they add an element of luck that can be painlessly removed from the game; which is why I support banning them.
    20. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      don't worry ill still be around but just not as often

      im working like nonstop over summer and im also moving into my sharehouse in janurary, then uni starts in feb, so im hella busy
    21. DestinyUnknown
      Im generally not at home on fridays at that time (I go out with friends and etc), but I'm online at that time all the other days (and I was yesterday/monday)
    22. DestinyUnknown
      I'm GMT +2 (I live in Spain), and I'm usually available from 11:30 pm to 1 am my time most days, is that ok?
    23. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      I want to find out who's really interested in joining the Fantasy Basketball League, so I'm sending this to all the signups. PM me your email address if you think you'll be active for the 18-23 weeks of the NBA regular season and want to join.
    24. Luck>Skill
      Hi, we have to battle for the Survey Tour, my GMT is +2

      You're EST iirc so an evening works best, if you can do it before your 5 PM any day of the week it would be great
    25. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Hi, I'm your new opp for POCL this week, I'm GMT +2(+3 with DST) and am availabale from 10 AM to 1 AM my time all remaining days, I'm on as Jozin z Bazin, you can find me on POCL or Tournaments, hope to get this done.
    26. Jalmont
      help my GBU triples team is either really great or really bad and i don't know which!!!!!

      nvm i got it :]
    27. Orcelot
      That was an entertaining read I must say. We see each other a lot on the server so I'm sure we can work something out.
    28. Altaria
    29. Altaria
      Why are you peeing on people's laptops?!
    30. Xinc
      Yes. Why did you pee on my laptop!?
    31. Kumiho
      Why did you pee on Falcon's laptop?
    32. Kyrk
      It's only the greatest song ever.
    33. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      I hate you too </3
    34. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa

      Also, is it just me, or can you not post in the FiM thread?
    35. dhhaxmaster
      OK so here's what I got from via. He can be on at 10 GMT -5 and earlier on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He never specified when though. I think Friday night is the best time to do it as long as Entai and my event doesn't go on to egregious times. As long as via's internet doesn't exhibit a fatality and our event doesn't go on really late our team should be fine. Your team however....
    36. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      I'm your opponent for the Restrict District. I'm GMT +0. When can you battle? I'm usually in #Tournaments or #Crystalline Guard, and will be using the name '[CG] LuigiTDM'. I'll keep spamming /seen until I find you.
    37. dhhaxmaster
      Hey meow. Me and Entai are GMT -5 and viamage is -4. The only problem is 5 days is no where near enough time for me to know whether or not via will be able to get his internet under control. We should probably get it done this weekend. Hopefully via will be on but if he isn't I'll probably just get someone else to ghost with us or something. Anyhoo neutral luck.
    38. Altaria
    39. Altaria
      fuck you

      by the way, change the stfu! to LadyAltaria. our love needs to be public
    40. Treecko
      Hey, just a reminder that you need to join the league ASAP. It should be the very latest email from espn with a title something like: 'You're invited to play fantasy football'. The league name is a top po league, if that helps.
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