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[TGG] Arran
Jan 16, 2012
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Aug 13, 2012

[TGG] Arran

Jack Of All Trades

    1. DatOddish
      Tell me when you get on the server so we can battle, I'm traveling in 2 days so hopefully we can get this done before that.
    2. Xenolize
      I seriously hope you/Nightmare picked good players. Just dont forget, if you're out of player choices, Im here.
    3. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      Hey, i haven't seen you online much for our match. My timezone is GMT +8 and i'm usually on at night. We might have to schedule something that works out for the both of us.
    4. Sucka_Punch
      Hey man just wondering if im still able to play, like i said in the reply my internet was down for around 2 weeks and i didnt have a chance to get on.
    5. mibuchiha
      so liek, we gotta play. come come.
    6. Platinum
      Hi :3 what timezone are you in? I'm in GMT +8 and I can be online in most evening if needed. I think we have a huge timezone difference, so we will need to set a time :(
    7. Notsure
      Im a really good wifi OU player
    8. djkwalk123
      hey so i'm just started using pokemon online lk a week ago. i think i'm pretty dece at wifi uu. definitely my strongest
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