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Shiny Rayquaza
Jan 20, 2012
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Jan 10, 2013

Shiny Rayquaza

Your nightmare!, from Denmark

    1. Beast
      You haven't touched your theme Trainer in a long time. Did you decide not to work on it or did you forget that it was still up since it is on page 3. If you have time you should work on it. :)
    2. TheUnknownOne
    3. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      Yo , I have noticed you 'approving' and 'rejecting' themes in the review forum.

      Only member of the QC team have the ability to approve and decline themes, while your input is great, it gets confusing when users who are not apart of the official QC team are posting approved or Reject in threads.

      Thanks for the contributions though, its great to see.
    4. Altaria
      Hmm, that actually sounds interesting.
      Hmm, that actually sounds insulting. :(
    5. Jalmont
      I know what that means, but thanks. I don't feel that is a good option as it punishes your team for something that isnt their fault. Doesn't really matter though, I got a sub.
    6. Jalmont
      I'm working on it I need to find someone to sub in for you!
    7. Jalmont
      Will do. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry for not responding to your PM earlier.
    8. SPS
    9. SPS
      cant believe it toke me this long to figure out you are malladus
    10. GreenWater10
      oh! you're the same player as pokemonfan1! i remember u.
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    November 18



    (19:17:55) Times Up! :
    (19:17:55) ±Game: Malladus (Malladus) was removed from the game!

    (12:33:12) ±Game: The Demon King (Malladus) wins!
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