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The Tempest
Jan 22, 2012
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Mar 27, 2014

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    1. Scatterbrain
      Do you still want to have authorship of Ember? Was wondering since you haven't been here in Mafia for a while, and the whole QC reform.
    2. Yagura
      don't want to flood in your thread.

      No suggestions about Rotom-W, 9.9/10
    3. puregenius
      mm no worries
    4. puregenius
      hows saturday? (my time, 7pm)
    5. puregenius
      hey im gmt +10, when do u want to play?
    6. Epikhairz
      Um I'm not sure what it stands for but I think it means like not being able to go on server or smthn :P
    7. Epikhairz
      I will be onLOA this week so ty!
    8. Epikhairz
      We're opponents for samphs tour. If you want to play and are active, you can have the win as I can't play r1. Just post in thread. Otherwise Ill take activity win
    9. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Hey, we're opponents for the foresight tourney, i'm gmt +2 and can play almost all the time except the early morning hours (1-8am) VM me if you have a specific time.
    10. Incon
      Yeah, that should be good. Ill look for you around that time. You use the same username?
    11. Incon
      Greetings! We play for the Pick your Poison tour. Im Gmt -4 and am very active on the server with the same name. Let me some good times for you or PM on server if you see me.
      Hey we're opps for the BST tour, What timezone are you and when are you normally active.
    13. Mutalisk
      im GMT-5 atm but im ready when you are
    14. llvallejoll
      Hi, we have to fight for the waterfall Tour
      When can you fight?
      My timezone is GMT-6 and my nick en PO is VallejoMC, usually i am on ADV Tier.
      PM me ;)
    15. GreenWater10
      What is that a picture of?
    16. The Tempest
    17. GreenWater10
      Also, I just found out i couldn't make u an op of the evo game, because someone deleted me as an op. it took a long time to get to arceus, just to find out that im not op anymore!
    18. The Tempest
      The Tempest
      It transpires that I had mistyped a password on all of them lol... but if I had been banned it would have been clear ban evasion :L So yeah.
    19. GreenWater10
      Then y not use Suicune3002? Anyways, sorry u got banned.
    20. The Tempest
      The Tempest
      Sorry... I need to use the forums more. Anyhow, thanks for the Evo game update :) Btw Suicune3000/3001 are banned :L So can you update me on this account? Cheers. [& when did I report you? :L]
    21. GreenWater10
      Remember Roy Mustang, one of the other people who used to play with us in the mornings? Well, he came back! he is known as this frog dude on the PO forums.
    22. GreenWater10
      i just became a channel operator for the evolution game and made u a channel operator as well, but i used suicune3000 because i didnt know how to spell tempest.
    23. GreenWater10
      nooo! u reported me? this is my life! u cant do this to me! mafia means everything to me! take it away, and ill commit suicide! :P (i've never gotten the point of making faces with letters)
    24. GreenWater10
    25. Ozma
      Of course it is. xD
    26. Ozma
      (05:01:19) ±Murkrow: Loaded theme LOTR

      Also, 1st!
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