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Jan 25, 2012
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Jan 17, 2020 at 1:50 AM


IT’S FINK DUMBASS , Male, from New Jersey

im heat Jan 15, 2019

    1. Artemisa
      Metang and Hypno, that's it though. >_>
    2. ZoroDark
    3. meeps
      he was only borrowing it for a short time; he found his phone but it was damaged (still worked)
    4. Soulchef
      How does 8PM tonight work for you?
    5. ZoroDark
    6. bugzinator
      Anything planned for your birthday? ;D
    7. Afro Smash
    8. ZoroDark
      r u almost leaving that shitty clan
    9. meeps
      i used it before ya it's nice for outspeed scarf ape and brave bird does decent damage to anything that doesnt resist and frailer offensive threats
    10. meeps
      i dont think i used scarf dodrio i used scarf fearow vs afro smash
    11. MetalGross
      Yeah well I'm sorry!
      wasn't exactly thinking about it too and Alfalfa is doing a good job with it!
      yeah well spamming can be contributing sometimes

      also find me a good avatar since you know Solrock isn't in POCL anymore
    12. MetalGross
      stop spamming forums 2332 postcounter
      also i didn't let Kyurem die I just never got 3 approvals altough I asked Captain a few times ah w/e
    13. Winter
      Won't be able to come on today anymore, or any of next week, you can have the win
    14. Conduit
      Timezone- UTC -6(Central)
      Activity- I'm on sometime between 6-11
      Server names- [$G]Conduit / Conduit
    15. phucvn
      yeah I'm free on weekends too, so it shouldnt be too hard too meet you. C ya
      GMT+7 btw
      My user name is phucvn.
      I'm practically everywhere from tohjo, tours to mafia and trivia
    16. Winter
      I'm available on Sunday, what times you free then?
    17. 2 Chainz
      2 Chainz
      tru. still not sure what even transpired
    18. Angel Flonne
    19. 2 Chainz
      2 Chainz
      You called, peasant?
    20. Angel Flonne
    21. Angel Flonne
    22. ZoroDark
      vm whore imo
    23. The Dude
      The Dude
      Thanks and I hope so lol.

      Fukin ziah lmao
    24. The Dude
      The Dude
      Thanks, and I will be back lol. XY will probs fuck things up so I can't miss that.
    25. Virizion
      1000 VMS!!!!! #BFFSFORLIFE
    26. Reik
    27. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      well, thank you for your compassion
    28. Finchinator
      I must be new.
      1. Raducan
        still are :D
        Jun 1, 2015
      2. Finchinator
        Jun 1, 2015
    29. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      no one can ban the ban hammer
    30. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      can't ban the ban hammer
    31. Blimlax
      same to you!
    32. Dasdardly
      I did say he was a champ.
    33. ZoroDark
      wow make up your mind pls <3
    34. ZoroDark
      ok but then there's only 1 NU tutor :(
      if anyone should pick up the slack it should be you, you're the tier leader ffs :(
      also this shit takes up a lot of time holy god
    35. ZoroDark
      Thanks bb <3
    36. MikeDecIsHere
      Doing big things on PO I see. Not bad :]
    37. Mikey110802
      Finch its that time we battle again.
    38. two sides of one coin
      two sides of one coin
      damn that's pretty deep

      perhaps you too should change your name!
    39. ZoroDark
      r u still a draco master oo
    40. Kumiho
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    September 29
    New Jersey
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Ttar & Tauro
    PO Trainer Name:
    Finchinator / Finch



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