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Feb 2, 2012
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Jul 10, 2019
    1. Yes.
      When do you want play for POCL? I'm available on these days:

      Thursday | Sunday: 14:00-19:30 (GMT -3)
      Friday | Saturday: 12:00-21:30 (GMT -3)
    2. Capt.Knightwalker
      Slurmz lost his password so l'll be contacting you on his behalf. His GMT -4, let me know when you are free and let's get this done as early as possible. Also Slurmz wants me to inform you that he is gay :D
      1. Hassin627 likes this.
    3. BingBongBaller
      yo we gotta fight for gsc pocl. msg'd you on discord. when fight?
    4. sulcata
      helo friend, i would like to play the competitive dice rolling game we call pokemon for the prestigious pee-oh-see-el Tournament.
      i'm edt, just let me know when is good for you. i'm in the pocl discord too.
    5. ABR
      when are you able to play?? I'm gmt +2 btw
      1. Dice
        i'm -4. can we play on saturday or sunday from like 6-10 pm my time?
        Sep 30, 2015
      2. ABR
        Fine, saturday will be ok i guess.
        You will find on smogtours as NightingaleOfKiev
        Oct 1, 2015
    6. TGMD
      I suppose I'll post here too in case of an activity thing: Dice, we fite for POCL. I'm GMT + 12 and I'm free for the remainder of today as well as after about 2 pm tomorrow and 4 pm the day after. The day after, I fly out to a different part of the country and it'll be a lot more difficult to get the battle done from then on, so hopefully these times work for you.
    7. Will of Fire
      Will of Fire
      Hi,I'm your opponent for this week in powc.I'm gmt+2 and I can play on thursday from 19.00 pm to 21.00 pm,friday the same and saturday and sunday I can play from 15.00 pm to 18 pm.
    8. Astounded
      Hi, we're paired for upl. I can play any day from 7pm to 8pm according to gmt +2. Lemme know if this works for you.
      1. Astounded
        Paired for Powc* lol, my bad
        Apr 3, 2015
    9. Nahim
      Lol sry if thats a little random, heaard u were a pretty cool dude xD
    10. Nahim
      Hi! Im Nahim, what's up? ^___^
    11. Chase
      yo we're paired for the POCL, I'm GMT+2 and am avaible most of the time in evenings like the one under me, let me know about you
    12. H-C
      yo we're paired for the POCL, I'm GMT+2 and am avaible most of the time in evenings. Tell me when you can play.
    13. Archerknight
      Hi - are you still interesting in doing the Ghosting tournament? You didn't reply to my last VM, so I don't know. :X
    14. Alexander.
    15. Alexander.
      Hello, we are opponents in POCL, i'm gmt +1, when can you play? :)
    16. Archerknight
      Emperor PPP has gone on holiday, and we need to battle in the next 2 days. Can you do it at around 1:00pm-3:00pm GMT+0?

    17. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      as long as everyone's online
    18. Rhino
      Hey, did you used to hang out at Pokemon Mysidia? Your name seems familiar.
    19. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      I'm on pretty much all the time, so whenever is convenient
      Although must be done before Saturday because I'm going on holiday without internet connection
    20. Archerknight
      Hey, what times are you available to battle for The Ghosting Tour? I'm free mostly from 12:00am-10:00pm GMT+0.
    21. Jedgi
      Our teams gotta battle at some point in time.
    22. Ashton Michaels
    23. Ashton Michaels
      Ashton Michaels
      Haha awsome bro. Have a great time tomorrow and look forward to you being back <3
    24. Ashton Michaels
      Ashton Michaels
      Haha nice nice :P You still have to add me on PS3 biatch (Fearswoop). Sound like you having a real good time thar. What your plans for tomorrow
    25. Ashton Michaels
      Ashton Michaels
      Aw nice. Wish I was there with you, sounds so good ;d
    26. Ashton Michaels
    27. Pavak
      Hey Dice i just wanted to say that your Team is amazing. Rise Women Rise is amazing. I peakes 1505 with it with a new alt in 2 days :)
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