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Feb 15, 2012
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Oct 9, 2014


Sand In ubers... Meh, from London, England

    1. meeps
      when fite 1v1 tour
    2. Clarion
      Actually, I don't let people pick Wifi OU because it's a tie breaking tier.
    3. Clarion
      Hey, Cliff. I just started this tournament. I made some modifications in the tour, such as Wifi OU as a tie breaking tier, capping off players to 32, and the top players among the 4 groups will be seeded accordingly and take part in a single-elimination championship round (of the same tier mechanics). See you there~
    4. braveswin11
    5. braveswin11
    6. Blitzamirin
      IRL and a lot of other PO stuff I do get in the way. I'll do this by this weekend.
    7. Hipster
      Of course. I'm subscribed to the thread, but I haven't seen many new updates so I haven't done anything.
    8. Blitzamirin
      Well, seeing what zero posted about current videos (to not subtitle them iirc), and your LOA, I honestly didn't know who to go to.

      I'll do this if... i get a better explanation :x
    9. Ethan
      Yes, I've been quite busy lately. I'll get on it when I get a chance.
    10. zeroality
      I didn't get the message, no.

      Are we appointing anyone else or is there enough people on the staff?
    11. Hobbes2
      I gotta forfeit from the Subtitle Staff because of school / drugs related reasons
    12. The Tempest
      The Tempest
      We've drawn in the Mirror Match tour :) I'm GMT. What time is good for you (and what's your time zone?)?
    13. zeroality
      Sorry Cliff, I just woke up. I had to stay up 24+ hours because of IRL stuff.

      I will get to the videos as soon as I can. Commented here.
    14. Kyrk
      Okay, I'll try to keep it updated.
    15. zeroality
    16. zeroality
    17. zeroality
      Yeah it hasn't been used since August of 2011, so you can have it.

      Confirm that you want this name change? You'll need to log in as the new name (Clifftongasium) once I do it.
    18. zeroality
      If it's unused, I'll give it to you. What is it? And what is the other user's username now (so I can check)?
    19. zeroality
      I know man, that picture was just amazing. I put it up on my own site. x)

      Also 'stole my name'?
    20. zeroality
      lol'd at your post.
    21. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I don't have it.. come on the main server otherwise I'll try and download it and meet up
    22. Mutalisk
    23. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I don't see you anywhere.. what alt/channel?
    24. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Well we need to battle before midnight PST so that gives us six hours!
      I'll be online the whole time, send me a pm if you see me. I may go afk but will stick around as much as I can
    25. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      What's your availability like this weekend?
    26. twofivefive
      I'm your tutor for round 1. Put the PO Channel #How to Troll on Autojoin and I'll try to catch you online.
    27. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      lol. So I'm working 50+ hours this week.. prolly next weekend will be the best time for me to battle. What's your timezone etc. I'm GMT -7 (PST)
    28. Kyrk
    29. ShowMeTheMankey
      Ok mate, I'm UK too, I'm usually on the PO server as [PR]ShowMeTheMankey so just pop up to me if you see me on :)
    30. ShowMeTheMankey
      You're my opponent for the tournament. We can play in 2 days time so vm me back to organise a time ^^
    31. mmtoastee
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    October 4
    London, England



    [22:04:43] Ben(ElGuapoSkillz): If you don't mind me asking, what are ya'll planning to do?
    [22:04:59] Tom (Clifftongasium): SEX POKEMON AND TACO BELL
    [22:05:50] Ben(ElGuapoSkillz): Sounds like an average weekend for me, minus the sex.
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