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Feb 26, 2012
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Jul 19, 2014
    1. Alexander.
      hey there! we're matched for powc. Im still not ready at 100% but I guess Ill be by Thursday / Friday so maybe lets play then? Ill be on holidays those days so any time rly works but I'd prefer if we could play in my evenings / nights. let me know :]
      1. Royalty
        yea we can figure it out then I'm GMT -7
        Apr 14, 2014
      2. Alexander.
        ok, anyway actually we could play earlier than friday too. for example ill be able to play in like 4-5 hours if u can ;o
        Apr 15, 2014
    2. Terminator9876able
      I am online now, lets get this done!
    3. Terminator9876able
    4. Terminator9876able
      Hey bro, I am in the UK (GMT+0) and tomorrow would be ideal. I would be free from about 6pm my time until about 11. Although closer to six would be better for me. When suits you?
    5. AmourShipper
      I'm open for most of tonight
    6. Soulchef
      We have to play for the POCL this week. I am in the PST time zone, and can play pretty much anytime after 5 PM on Monday, 7 PM on Tuesday, 3 PM on Wednesday, 7 PM on Thursday, and 8 PM on Friday. I will be gone this weekend, so we gotta get it done during the week. Let me know which of these times might work for you.
    7. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      yo when fite today
    8. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      MeowMix is a faggot

      We're paired up for UU Subforum, GMT/Playtime etc.
    9. Fosco
      Does Wednesday (tomorrow) work for you? Let's say the same time I sent you this VM.
    10. Virizion
      Yay you finally went back to this avatar. I love it! <3
    11. Nikitas
      oh, i see. thanks
    12. Nikitas
      Just want to know. How many points do dead games award?
    13. Clarion
      I suggest no changes to the match-ups besides those substitutions. If they're lazy looking for the results at the link I posted in the OP, so be it.
    14. Sov
      What is this bs?
    15. Nikitas
      O.o, you quit auth too?
    16. Windblown
      what Dude said, goddamnit
    17. The Dude
      The Dude
      Bro, nice quitting. You'll be back.
    18. Mario Mar.
      Mario Mar.
      is-a-me so well you dont think is too soon (wednesday or friday) to battle, cant you do it this weekend or you have something to do?
    19. GotThatPopcorn
      I ban evaded on the PO server and forums, make sure to ban me, Thanks.
    20. Tyki
      Oh, lol. I looked at it briefly. Blue seems a little OP, might need to ban it. Besides that, it looks ok. I should take a larger look though.
    21. Tyki
      Soren told me to ask you why you don't like the LU tour. Anything you can say to make it sound better?
    22. Navz
      We need to battle for Type Shuffling tourney, let me know when you're free/ready.
    23. Nahim
      Hey I have a question, were the tutors already assigned or are we just waiting?
    24. Navz
      Hey there, you're officially my tutor for this round! Hope I come out of this a better battler~
    25. Elements
      The past two days have been very good for you!
    26. Finchinator
      Grats on tour director.
    27. Clarion
      Congratulations for TD~

      I know you can make it~ :3
    28. Nikitas
      If you are responsible for the Academy then feel free to list me as a Wifi UU tutor as well, seeing as there are many people wanting to be tutored in UU and I dont know if enough UU tutors exist. I have topped the ladder around 4 times for short periods of time in the past (from some hours to four days) and I have deep knowledge of the meta. Just keep in mind that I cannot handle more than 2-3 tutees with my current schedule, including OU tutees too (2-3 in total from both tiers).
    29. Explosions
      Hey Royalty, I'm just letting you know on the battle of the channels thread, I put my tier down as wifi UU and you made it NU. I also put my most prominent server name as Key to Destruction, and I was listed there as Explosions. I would appreciate if you'd change it, thank you!
    30. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      <3 pro argument

      <3 two hearts for you
    31. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      I can probably be on around 8 am my time on Wednesday if that works for you and there is no other time for us to battle, though can't promise anything
    32. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Sorry, real life issues, I'm on now(10 am for me), but I guess it's too late =/
    33. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Survey tour, my usual alt is 0/, I'm GMT+2 and can be on full day from 9 am on Thursday and from 5 pm my time since Monday, can't do Friday-Sunday
    34. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      we will battle in 30 minutes
      i mean, i will be on in 30 mins, so please hold on for a little while, i know i broke our agreement, but an important dinner came out
    35. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      very well then :>
    36. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      is 12pm midday or midnight
      if it is midnight, which i think it is, it would be 8am, which is impossible due to swimming practice
      the moment i am sending this it would be between 6 and 7 am, but maybe when its almost sleeping time for me you could be awake
      unless you have school in the morning, then we're gonna have to plan for the weekend, where we should be more free
    37. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      greetings Royal
      i dont know much about your online times, so im going to ask you for them, also your timezone
      i am GMT, and am online from 3 pm to 7 pm, and not much more
      at weekends, i am much more available, though i really dont have a schedule
    38. Blitzamirin
      Hey not my fault I was on all day, but you weren't. The before Last day, I wasn't going to do a battle at 3 am on a school night.
    39. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Hi, ubers tourney, I'm GMT+3(with DST) and usually on as Jozin z Bazin
    40. Xinc
      Er... the bw tourney
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