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two sides of one coin
Mar 1, 2012
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Jun 26, 2014

two sides of one coin

sick of all her shit, from ---

    1. Rioku
      Reminder that Fantasy Role Play has started. Go forth and begin your adventure!
    2. Finchinator
      Four sides two coins
    3. Xinc
      Oh, okay.
    4. Xinc
      Padfoot, did you try to send me a PM? I was taking a hiatus for a while so I guess my PM box filled up fast.
    5. Scene
      nonsense you are merely an inferior meeps

      you must have had an avatar at some point :c
    6. Scene
    7. the shy narcissist
      the shy narcissist
      I dont like what i am doing now but can you pls answer this msg
      as`for the backpack ,its brand less i am still using it today.
    8. I'll feed you to my eagle
      I'll feed you to my eagle
      Protect Terrakion is the stupidest thing ever, there's so many other things it can run. If someone needs to run protect on an offensive pokemon to scout, then that says something about their skill at battling.
    9. Edgar
      My alt is Smart Kid, PM when you're on
    10. Edgar
      yo i'm online, can you battle right now?
    11. Edgar
      yeah sounds good
    12. two sides of one coin
      two sides of one coin
      Catch you on Sunday?
    13. Edgar
      my timezone is GMT -6
    14. Edgar
      hi, we need to play for the Ubers tournament, my PO alts are usually: Johan Cruyff, Smart Kid, -Latias-, Edgar. or add me on skype if you can: edgardorendon9
    15. Altaria
      now stop ignoring the first half of my vm
    16. Altaria
      couldn't reply to your PMs screw you for logging off this early

      wait kx said i'm not subbed in the game yet right right RIGHT

      anyway read this READ THE ENTIRE THING IT'S HILARIOUS this is what i have to go through daily as a mafia player

    17. profDEADPOOL
      Yo dude what I would say in response to what you asked before the server crashed is this.

      If you enjoy it then by all means keep doing it if it doesn't stop you from doing other things you enjoy even more then it.

      If you don't enjoy it then quit.

      BTW thanks for saying I have brains >_>

      (they are quite tasty to eat)
    18. Finchinator
      In the Froslass thread, what I was getting at about rank is that it isn't of any value, currently.
      If it's put to vote or if a guy beat other notable users at #1, I guess the ladder is resourceful but, IMO it's more of a place for testing.
      Albeit, there are some serious ladderers and I left that out of consideration.
    19. LördKX
      nice 666 post count.
    20. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      nvm, talked with you on server
    21. Altaria
    22. Zzyzx Road
      Zzyzx Road
    23. Jalmont
      clear your pm inbox so i can send you observer stuff
    24. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      the only job of the mentors is to give advice. it defeats the point of even having a beginner game is mentors are going to play for the actual players. I only want you to do anything if your tutee or e/e asks basically.
    25. SteelEdges
      You'll be given rights to write a guide to Duelist Kingdom. I believe that theme is being adopted so you'll want to get in touch with the person who has it.

      I'll forum PM you instructions.
    26. Luck>Skill
      Yeah my team has been ready for 5 days more or less I was just waiting for you to contact me on the server.
    27. Sir
    28. Luck>Skill
      I still have to build a team as well

      Catch me on the server tomorrow or in 2 days, whenever
    29. Luck>Skill
      Hey we are opps for the every move deserves a chance tour

      My GMT is +1 and I'm almost always free, when would you like to battle?
    30. Nexus
      Thanks for standing up for me at mafia!
    31. Jalmont
      please clear inbox or be online today
      we need to talk
    32. Kumiho
      I hurd u smoke crayons
    33. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      *Machamp goes through them* or not

      lol, they can't vote me out of the next one, that's my one >:3
    34. Demonic Cake
      Demonic Cake
      *ghost appears*
      why are we not friends yet
      this shall be rectified immediately or...wait, there isn't even any Ghost/Fighting Pokemon. ):
    35. Xinc
    36. Xinc
      Tired as hell
    37. Xinc
      Paddy, where are you!?
    38. GreenWater10
      ur so sexy. plz accept my friend request.
    39. Xinc
      everything's fine here, Paddy. Too much work though.
    40. two sides of one coin
      two sides of one coin
      Hola, James. What's up?
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