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Mar 10, 2012
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Dec 27, 2018

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    1. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      Misty-kun :D
      guess who's back
      we need to get back to breeding, battling and stuff !
      how's uni btw
      1. Mysterion
        Hey there, welcome back :D
        Though I am not really active currently I am just checking the forums from time to time.
        And uni is great in the next semester I want to write my bachelor and then I am finished for now. What are you currently doing?
        Aug 3, 2015
      2. Sasha The Legend !
        Sasha The Legend !
        im studying hard for the whole month i have big exams in 26 for my engineering uni
        after that ill be free forever (if idont fail :P )
        and studying hard is boring so im getting back to laddering
        Aug 3, 2015
    2. Joeypals!!
      You wouldn't happen to have Meloetta and Genesect, would you? Only two event legends I'm missing and it's bugging me lol.
    3. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Yeah the Egg has the Aron in it. Sorry it hadn't quite hatched yet
    4. blastrai
    5. puregenius
      I got lazy :o
    6. puregenius
      And it's not really poetry lol just basic rhymes D:
    7. puregenius
      Lol mate brionac owns :p
      And my sister borrowed my pokemon x and took it to China D:
    8. ZoroDark
      trading master myst :o
    9. Starstorms
      I apologize for the misunderstanding. I thought you were trying to steal an activity win. I apologize for thinking that.
    10. Starstorms
      What GMT are you? I will be on most of tomorrow.
    11. Starstorms
      Yeah, I should be on. Send me a pm in Tournaments or Elite Clan
    12. puregenius
      Friend code?
    13. Starstorms
      I'm your opp in LTT, I live GMT -7 and hang out in Tournaments and Elite Clan. Just come to either one and send me a pm
    14. puregenius
      Lol much better
    15. puregenius
      just beat 4th gym :3
      and what are u talking about i am clearly the best
    16. Nyphas
      Hey its Nyphas ur opponent for LTT pm me whenever ur on
    17. TGW
      Hey Myst how's everything going? I hope well.

      I need to talk with you about an important thing, so contact me as soon as you can via PM or in the server. (I'll be On for sure at #[ENM] channel)

      See ya!! Take care!!
    18. Navz
      myssssst come back quick
    19. meeps
    20. puregenius
      see lol havent been on in almost a week
    21. puregenius
      Lol how much have u seen me on the server :p
      I won't be on much except to be tutored lol
    22. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      oh my god man

      the deadline is so fricking fast I was planning to play you today stupid fast deadline ugh

      sorry dude I got the activity win ;-;

      bs fast deadlines
    23. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      smh you were last on 2 hours ago D:

      lets try again tomorrow, please stay online for morning - afternoon :D

      It's 10 pm now = 4 pm yours huehue
    24. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic

      You're GMT +1 right? If I recall correctly

      wishing us good games my man
    25. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      hey my man master of the LU

      we are opponents for POT -_____-

      yeah I know right why couldn't we fight some stupid random scrub round 1, one of us has to be eliminated

      oh well just a heads up, peace bro

      look forward to a fun & hax-free match <3

      "A good battle is its own reward".
    26. TripleRhu
      hapy erly brthdy
    27. Parpar
      I'm GMT-5. You can come on whenever and PM me. I'm on most of everyday. My name on the server is Parpar.
    28. OkamiBW
      Shoot, I'm online at about 11 PM your time and I don't see you atm. Perhaps I'll catch you tomorrow.
    29. llvallejoll
      Perfect, maybe tomorrow at 9pm your time?
    30. OkamiBW
      Yeah, that'll probably work best. I'll try to aim for 10 PM-ish your time. Might be able to get on earlier. Should be free to do so tomorrow.
    31. Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha
      You weren't online between 18 and 23 o.o
    32. llvallejoll
      Hey we have to play for LU Monocolor tour. When want to play?
      I'm gmt-5.
    33. OkamiBW
      I won't be able to make it on at midnight my time tonight (1-2 PM your time), but perhaps tomorrow-ish. I'm in GMT -8, so it's like a 10 hour time zone difference.
    34. OkamiBW
      Hey, yo. When are you usually on over the course of a week? I'm in Pacific Standard Time, a.k.a. West Coast of the United States.
    35. Dzi
      dat dc
    36. meeps
      your trainer info sucks dicks
    37. Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha
      Hey looks like you and I have to battle :) I'm usually on PO around 18-23 GMT.
    38. meeps
      fired are you slow
    39. Imarriedzelda
      Ok if you want this weekend. I can work saturday before two pm my time, which is -6 gmt
    40. Dzi
      Okay, I already have my team done. Lets finish it asap. :3
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