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Mar 19, 2012
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Mar 9, 2017


USSR bshax user, Male, from Moscow City

    1. Bekins
      I'm GMT +2; When are you available?
      1. Skylite21
        Gmt+3 i'm available more or less the whole week so tell me when you're available
        Apr 6, 2015
      2. Bekins
        Tomorrow 4 pm gmt+2?
        Apr 6, 2015
      3. Skylite21
        sure, will be waiting at po main server under Skylite, just pm me there when you're ready
        Apr 6, 2015
    2. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      POWC. Gmt -4. Pretty busy this week but flexible with hours.
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      2. Skylite21
        okay, hm.. let me see. I'll be available thursday evening my time(starting from 5-6 gmt) and wednesday night(starting from ~9-ish gmt). So basically I can play any evening(my time) starting from tomorrow. How about I convo you whenever I'm on, and you'll reply when you're gonna be available this day or w.e. without this activity bs? how bout it?
        Mar 31, 2015
      3. Texas Cloverleaf
        Texas Cloverleaf
        Thursday is a write off, earliest I'm available is 1 am your time, wednesday i have a few things to do but I'm generally available all day. Message when you're on i guess and I can know when my availability is around then
        Mar 31, 2015
      4. Skylite21
        Okay, I'll msg you tomorrow
        Mar 31, 2015
    3. mibuchiha
      Hey, POWC. When fight? I'm GMT+8 and can play every day from 2200 onwards, but if it's not weekend then we have to play at PS.
    4. Jørgen
      You. Me. GSC. POWC. When? Sunday best for me. I can make time sometime else if that doesn't work though.
    5. hot sexy available
      hot sexy available
      uh i'm gmt -5 and it'll probably be best for me to play on saturday or sunday because i have school on weekdays

      what times are you on?
    6. Rewer
      what times you're going to be avliable on your timezone? i'm gmt-3 and i'll be online fri sat and sun
    7. Elmanzano
      today or tomorrow i'll be waiting on PO server.
    8. carlo.
      hey! i'm gmt+1 and i'm ok with evenings as well. what about tomorrow (wednesday) at 9pm my time, 11pm your time? if it's too late i can play earlier without any problems, i just need to know. see you!
    9. D4RR3N
      My timezone is GMT +8, and I'm usually on at 7pm to 12am on weekdays and pretty much most of the time on saturday.
    10. syrim
      Ok tell me when's good for you
    11. syrim
      Do you have irc?
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    March 21
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    Skylite: да ну нах
    karkinos64: no hax
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