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Mar 21, 2012
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Jun 30, 2015


So Nyuh Shi Dae, Male, 21, from Philippines

    1. ZoroDark
      Wen fite for the tier tour? Im gmt +2 just say any reasonable time
    2. Mylo Xyloto
    3. Finchinator
      Bye man, have a good life!
    4. Yagura
      I WANT NU AND LU TEAMS!! (lol, jk)

      Bye man! :c
    5. FrontierDarkness
    6. FrontierDarkness
      I like your user name for The Limbo Challenge....lol
    7. Incon
      Thanks Dzi!
    8. Finchinator
      Thanks you! :)
    9. Parpar
      My name is Parpar on the server. Pm me if you see me.
    10. Parpar
    11. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      Spheal is super cute! and i can't do saturdays :[ but we see each other alot, we could probably get it done whenever, but how about this sunday?
    12. Hybrid Theory
      Hybrid Theory
      fancy a battle? :)
    13. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      *nods* sure thing. :3
    14. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ahh yeah, Water Veil's been released now huh?

      That's a pretty unique niche on its own, that one. :3
    15. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, that's mostly why I'm hesitant to do it lol. I mean, it's a Swift Swimmer, but requires literally no EVs to outrun EVERYTHING when it's raining. That's simple enough, I... guess?
    16. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      That's true, lol. They just don't post much. xD

      I'm rather proud that we've got basically all of the high and medium priority stuff done. I'm hesitant to do Floatzel, I have to admit.
    17. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Indoodles. Emac and the other QC guys aren't on enough to make a huge difference anyways huh?

      (Note: Nothing against you, of course. Approving your own stuff would be silly. xD)
    18. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, I'm totally keen for trying that. As long as Elmo's around to approve stuff, it shouldn't be too much trouble huh? :3
    19. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Heh, you mean just for NU, or for the entire game?

      The latter... yeah, that's a longshot. But just NU sounds like a challenge! :D

      Let us bug Elmo with heaps of analyses! xD
    20. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, it was pretty weird. Turns out someone had requested the page to be edit-protected. O.o

      I've lifted that now though (I think), so you should be able to?
    21. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      You can't? Odd.

      Are you not logged in on the new page or something?

      If it's a permissions thing, simply write it up on here and I'll do it, if that makes things easier? O.o
    22. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      I'd just edit it, delete what was originally there, and replace it with the new analysis. Simple enough huh?

      That's what I did with Stunfisk and Eelektross. :3
    23. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yeah, I'd replace it. That analysis looks completely out of date (not to mention fairly poorly written) anyways. 252 HP EVs? ._.

      Don't forget to rewrite it on the NEW wiki page, though!

      Oh, and thanks about Audino. I'd be surprised if she was ever LU, I have to be honest. :3
    24. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ohai Dzi. I heard a rumour...

      was Audino LU at some point in the past, by chance?
    25. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      alright both days work well for me, so we'll get done then.
    26. ZoroDark
      Yay :D finally some good news today
    27. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      yo dzi opps for random generated tour thing, free to battle when I build team, when you wanna battle?
    28. Mysterion
      Hey friend, we have to battle for the colour tour. Will build my team soonish.
    29. ZoroDark
    30. ZoroDark
      Dont leave us :(
    31. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Uhh... the top 200 SHOULD be fine, imo. Bronzor, Illumise and Abomasnow are hardly significant threats if they're out of that range huh? (Though Boma does surprise me. I guess everyone forgets that he's NU?)
    32. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ahh Cased, of course...

      I've never played him or seen him play though, so I guess I just didn't think of him. xD

      Meeps has kicked my ass a couple of times in the past, and we all know that Elmo's awesome at NU.
    33. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      I dunno... in NU at least, you're quite the formidable player. I've never played against you, but I've seen a couple of your matches. The only person I know of who I can say is a better NUer would be Elmo, but he's like the Chuck Norris of NU, so that's hardly a downer huh? xD

      Meeps is pretty good too, I guess...
    34. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ahh, so you stick to only the lower tiers huh?

      I try to have at least SOME experience with every tier (though I've still failed to make a start in Ubers and LC), so I can at least have some input on the analyses regardless of tier. ^-^
    35. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Lol yeah, I gathered. I'm torn between NU and UU right now. LU's a bit stally for my tastes, and OU's just stale and annoying. :(
    36. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate

      Thanks Dzi. It makes it a lot easier when someone who actually knows what they're doing does it. xD
    37. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Lol, well I actually meant in the wanted analyses list, but that works too. xD
    38. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Yup, the ones that are in italics are the ones that I deemed outdated, although feel free to check if you wish. :3

      Also, if you feel there should be some more pokemon added to it, that's also great. The LU dropouts would probably all deserve to go on there huh?
    39. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Lol, course it is. Firstly, it saves me having to do it, and secondly, you know the tier a lot better than I do. Go for it. C:
    40. ZoroDark
      Bs someone got a better avatar than me
      Obligatory WAKA WAKA EH EH
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