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eric the espeon
Apr 21, 2010
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Jun 28, 2016

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eric the espeon

is an espeon.

    1. Arcus the best
      Arcus the best
      and I want a free battle ok...
    2. Arcus the best
      Arcus the best
      Can ya battle me ?
    3. Hell ya
      Hell ya
      Hey can you give me the URL to make a appeal. I can't find it ;-; I'm dumb...
    4. zeroality
      Meant to send this with last PM: I'm too tired to do more today. Can you check out whats up with SMW? I'll do more when I get up.
    5. Finchinator
      After talking with some of my QCs and doin a bit of personal contemplation, I made the OU Wanted Analysis Page with high and low threats being split-up - as you said to, and also mentioning how much work there page needed.
      Personally, I think it is really good now.
      I plan on uploading a lot of stuff over the next week - such as some abondoned skeletons and some of my own.
      If there is anything you need help with, feel free to contact me - be glad to. (Now I have a bit more time on my hands, starting this weekend, at least.)
    6. Finchinator
      This is mostly updated. Will finish it tomorrow, I basically updated all of the OU and Common UU mons that deserved analysises. I will look over the other analysises of less common pokemon and see if they're outdated and list them, if needed, tomorrow.
      After that, I plan on going into detail on who reserved what, who abandoned what, etc.
      Finally, the overall goal is to reorganize everything asap and get working on analysises so content is much better than it currently is!
    7. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Thanks for everything. :)
    8. Elements
      Hey Eric. Di you still have the Jesus look?
    9. Arceus
    10. zeroality
      Forgot to include in my previous PM that I added you to Staff group in bug tracker. Bit out of it, just got home from birthday lunch.

      Fixing to go and won't be on for rest of today but I'll be active this weekend.
    11. SockPuppet
      Looks like pnerd is taking the items page anyway.
    12. Arceus
      Pokemon Online 2 for a server name is now up. I can chat with you there.
    13. Luck>Skill
      Done everything
    14. SockPuppet
      Alright, thanks. I'll be getting back to wiki work in a few days, once I work myself into school comfortably.
    15. SockPuppet
    16. zeroality
      Subforums made. Let me know if the descriptions need updating.

      Do you need additional prefixes?
    17. zeroality
      Unstickied this as it seemed unnecessary atm.
    18. チャンピオンワタル
      I am on the server right now, under the name "[DR]UltimateChampion". By the way, I can't send you any private messages, as you have exceeded your stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until you clear some space.
    19. pokemon0078
      ete is back!!! everything is right in the world. welcome back, you've missed a lot.
    20. Nexus
      Though I'm fairly late, welcome back. Good to see you
    21. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      You missed out on a lot! Eternal banned a bunch of important users when they got in a mod fight (Eternal was silencing the chat, while other auth were trying to mute specific users). The auth left for Puzzles, a different server. Later, Bad Romance posted a thread that made most of us believe it was all an April Fools joke. However, we all soon realized BR was just trolling. I hope we have it sorted out now...
    22. Rarity
      You probably aren't the one to tell, but the Wiki Admin award image is broken.
    23. Blitzamirin
      You're back :O

      You've missed quite a few things. :/
    24. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
    25. Yoshimitsux
      I'm one of the admins of PokemonBattle.it. Shedinja told me he sent a reply to your previous PM on PokemonBattle.it/Forum/
    26. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      The following errors occurred with your submission
      eric the espeon has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    27. Blastcore
      Woops. I just got your PM. Going to the server right now.
    28. zeroality
      Just letting you know, new rule (#10). :)
    29. zeroality
      I changed to height:auto and added margin-bottom for evo chain. How's it look now?
    30. zeroality
      Wait, height? What do you mean?
    31. zeroality
      Actually, the fluid width thing on phead for sprite/type/evo box - I thought of a way which may allow me to do it.

      It will take some time, so I'll do it either tomorrow or Tues.
    32. zeroality
      Btw, if you didn't know - the phead edit is here.
    33. zeroality
      About IRC for wiki, is PJIRC fine or did you have something else in mind?
    34. Ozma
      Thanks for the wiki edits - saved me some time. Hoping to get more done in the ubers, if not all of it by a week or two at the most. After that I either lose interest or get to the next one.
    35. zeroality
      If I can't get in touch with you on the server, I can leave you a message with issues. I don't really need live feedback.

      The problem lately is me being awake, but in an exhausted state to the point where I can't really think well enough to code.
    36. zeroality
      I got caught up in other stuff today, but nix has school tomorrow so I should be free. x)
    37. zeroality
      So is the new movebox info template up? I had made the changes coyo wanted but needed your feedback before implementing the template change.
    38. Twistedspoon
      nice job on the wiki. it looks great :)
    39. zeroality
    40. zeroality
      Nevermind, I just realized the answer to my own question. RBY didn't have any damaging Dragon moves other than Dragon Rage. Wow, we've come a long way.

      Edit: Check 363, 364 comments.
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