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Mar 27, 2012
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    1. JohnYiu
      we're paired up for pot, when can we play? :]
      im mostly free from 9pm to 1am gmt+8
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      2. JohnYiu
        2pm gmt-5 sucks for me, how about some day at 8-11pm ur time?
        Jun 18, 2015
      3. noname4505
        ok I'll try and remember to be on smogtours around 10 pm tomorrow
        Jun 19, 2015
      4. JohnYiu
        Jun 21, 2015
    2. Duncajuwon
      Hey noname
      we're opponents for pot. im gmt-7, and can play on weekends, and after 5pm on weekdays. I'm usually in tournaments :]
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      2. noname4505
        alright I'll try and hop on around 7 pm during the week sometime
        Jun 1, 2015
      3. noname4505
        yo idk if r2 ended (because I'm a lazy bum) but if you're on rn I can play if you want
        Jun 8, 2015
    3. Takatalvi
      Hi, when can you play?? I'm GMT -3
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      2. noname4505
        sounds good :]
        Apr 1, 2015
      3. noname4505
        yo I know we said we would meet around this time, but I don't see you on smog tours or PO main so I'm gonna grab some food and then be online. If you see me on PO main just shoot me a pm there or respond to this so we can play :]
        Apr 2, 2015
      4. Takatalvi
        Sorry, I'm late, i had some trouble with something... anyway, would you mind waiting a few minutes before we play?
        Apr 2, 2015
    4. Tyrano
      we have to play powc, when could you do it? im gmt+1 btw
      1. noname4505
        I'm gonna be busy for the rest of today, but I should be able to do it anytime the rest of the week after 2 pm (gmt -5). If you see me on smog tours or on tohjo just shoot me a pm and we should be able to battle.
        Mar 16, 2015
      2. Tyrano
        ok, i'll check smogtours, do you use the same nick here and there?
        Mar 16, 2015
    5. Finchinator
      you are my rby player
      1. noname4505
        Mar 4, 2015
    6. Trademark
      Hey you up to play for the UUCL? I'm GMT +8. HMU, when you're free.
    7. VuvuzelaΒzz
      When do you want to play for UUCL?
      noname fren c: We have to battle for uucl and we see eachother often so I'm just making this for no reason whatsoever because apparently I have to vm people when opponent :(
      So what days good for you, I'm going to need a while to get a team sorted out. Maybe by Monday we can fite?
      1. noname4505
        I've got family over this week so my activity is going to be near zero. Should be able to get something done this weekend doe. Usually I'm on from 3 pm GMT -4 to late o'clock, but if you see me on just send me a pm and we should be able to fite :]
        Jul 6, 2014
        k fren i'll be on (like the whole day as always) hopefully i'll find you
        Jul 7, 2014
    9. Windblown
      we have to play for the UU tour. I'll probably be unavailable during this weekend so hopefully we can do this Monday or Tuesday. I'm GMT-7.
      1. noname4505
        I'm gmt -5, anytime after 3 pm either monday or tuesday works for me.
        Jun 15, 2014
    10. LatiosPro!
      Hey, are u here? u not answer me about if we can play this weekend, so we need to play today or tomorrow i'm gmt-7 tomorrow i can play all day
      1. noname4505
        mb I thought you would vm me when you were ready to play, I should be on around 7 pm my time (5 pm your time) I'll be on #Noname Land when you're ready
        Jun 2, 2014
    11. Marina
      Hi, I'm ready to battle now, sorry for the wait. I'll join Noname Land whenever I'm on the server, but could you give me an idea when you're going to be on?
    12. Marina
      Hi, we're opponents in that religion tour or whatever. I'm usually on 5-10 PM GMT -8, as Min. I... still have to do a few things, so I would appreciate a few days, but if you see me online feel free to PM me and we can battle or schedule one, I guess?
    13. Porengan
      I will be online for a while, so you can find me on the PO Server
    14. Porengan
      Hi, my timezone is GMT+2. I would say saturday 3pm my times, is that ok for you?
    15. Nikitas
      7 hour difference with my being on the front xD but yea, i was mistaken AHAHAHA. omg, i have to fail so badly since when i first heard of timezones, soz dude. So, 10+pm on saturday or 2+am on friday my time.
    16. Nikitas
      7 hour difference with my being on the front means that you are more than welcome to come after 3pm on saturday :P (which is, erm 8am my time). As far as friday is concerned, I think I will be able to be online after 7pm your time (which is 12.00 (am or pm dont know how 12/00 works)).
    17. Nikitas
      Give me the times you can play on Friday and Saturday, I will work something out and inform u.
    18. Nikitas
      Sup bro, I am gmt+3 and I can play most days, Sunday excluded for the most part coz birthday.
    19. marth-
      im ready to play now im under the name [IDM]White Widow on the PO server, if you want to play give me a message
    20. marth-
      Saturday is a good day, i'll let you know what time later
    21. Finchinator
    22. Serene
      im on PO as _serene
    23. Serene
      hi im your opponent and i saw your vm, can you do tomorrow or thursday at 4 PM GMT-8. you can contact me on irc, my nick is myzozoa.
    24. Finchinator
      We are up 6-2 as of now, week 1. (6 win outburst on Monday.)
      Know you probably won't see this until you're back, but I felt like spreading the good news!

      Bugzinator beat Rok in UU, AuroStox beat (haxed) Joey in OU, Tamaa beat Joga in ADV, John beat George182 in DPP, hill beat mibuchiha in GSC, bloody rabbit beat Navz in RBY. Cased lost (BS) to FLCL and probs lost to smart kid

      See you come week 3
    25. Captain
      Hey I can play sometime sunday night, or monday wichever works
    26. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Sup lemme know when you're free for POT r1. Anytime after Wednesday is good. No need to rush though. I'm guessing we're both Eastern USA timezone, since I see you a lot in the east channel lol.
    27. FrontierDarkness
      My timezone is GMT +8 name on the server is FrontierD you'll see me mostly in tohjo falls and tournaments I'll pm you on the server if I see you.
    28. Finchinator
      I is at yanki gam
    29. Finchinator
      Activity Posting Scum.
    30. Finchinator
      I'll be on for a good half hour or so now.
      I'll be on all day tomorrow once I wake up.
      Talk with you sometime soon, hopefully!
    31. Finchinator
      Hey, I'm your Wifi OU tutor.
      I'm GMT -5.
      When can I find you on the server, what alts?
    32. Dasdardly
      We're opponents for the LU minitour. Who are you and when do you come on the server?
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