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Mar 27, 2012
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Jun 6, 2014

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    1. Kamina
      hey when should we battle? i am your opponent for powc. Almost anytime on the weekend should be available for me. i am not sure about weekend if you want to do that but if you do we should figure out time now. i am gmt-5
    2. Bob Backspin
      Bob Backspin
      Hey man, I'll be on PO for a while, whenever you're ready.
    3. Bob Backspin
      Bob Backspin
      Uhh I'll be on for a while tomorrow, gonna be hard b/c of this time difference though =[ Are you usually on PO or PS and what channel? I'll just lurk around there. Also I'll be in the IDM channel on PO if you want to find me
    4. Bob Backspin
      Bob Backspin
      Hey man we're matched for World Cup. I'm GMT -5 (EST) and I can do both PS or PO (I'd prefer PO though). My usual alt is Tokyo Tom, but I'm also under Molson Canadian on PS. When can you play this week? Cheers!
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