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The Real Elmo
Sep 9, 2010
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Dec 1, 2017

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The Real Elmo

Caterpie hungers..., from Michigan

    1. confide
      we're playing regular smogon lc btw right
      1. The Real Elmo
        The Real Elmo
        Yeah please. F Sun.
        Sep 15, 2017
      2. confide
        Ok im on stours
        Sep 15, 2017
    2. confide
      hey dude when play im gmt-6 and have to play in the evenings mostly. Ill be good to play from 6pm-10pm on weekdays.
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      2. confide
        Uh i get home pretty late on fridays, do you think we can play thursday evening?
        Sep 13, 2017
      3. The Real Elmo
        The Real Elmo
        I can probably swing that. I'll be busy until 8ish EST, so 6pm your time.

        What say we shoot for your 7pm, my 9pm, to have our battle?
        Sep 13, 2017
      4. confide
        9pm your time on thursday it is
        Sep 14, 2017
    3. Sken
      yo when do you wanna play, gmt+2
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      2. The Real Elmo
        The Real Elmo
        Hey howdy hey.
        I'll be on for the next 3~4 hours here. If I don't respond immediately it's because I'm cleaning or cooking something. Gotta get ready for that last game of thrones episode ^_^
        Aug 27, 2017
      3. Sken
        ok i'll be in smogtours in around 1h
        Aug 27, 2017
      4. Sken
        you there?
        Aug 27, 2017
    4. Gl4ss
      Holy hell you're still active.
      1. The Real Elmo
        Apr 29, 2016
    5. Luck>Skill
      elmo :D

      when can I find you on PO? I need my yearly dose of dpp nu games ;(
    6. pokemonnerd
      "Moral of todays games: Don't use other people's teams."

      Or you can play DP NU and ADV NU and test awesome teams with me. I promise I won't reveal your one weakness either!
    7. Finchinator
      Long live Specs Dratini and OTR Slowpoke
      (2013-2014) RIP - death by Laurel
      1. The Real Elmo likes this.
    8. Laurel
      i need to play u for e4
    9. ZoroDark
      i'll be using the same team as cp and i'm too lazy to pm so i hope this counts as a team submission thing
    10. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey elmo, just wondering but Pichu is breedable thus far and available to get in game for the walkthrough tour right? You guys don't have it listed, but him being allowed has a big effect on Pika/Raichu's moveset with learning nasty plot if it is.
    11. Proof
      :[ Thats fine
    12. Proof
      Are you nearly ready for POYT?
    13. Daybreak
      k i'll see you on the weekend then, gives us more time to make teas anyways
    14. Laurel
      what happened to case gym
    15. Xinc
      Also Sand attack over thief.
    16. Xinc
      Oran on the last two in msg
    17. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      We may see each other online, but i cba to build a team until, at least, wednesday afternoon (GMT+0), since i have an oral exam earlier that day. If not before, then the weekend, at any time we meet :)
    18. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Ahh college visits im guessing? Gl with that! And that time works for me as well! :] See you then buddy.
    19. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Hey sorry I just got to your message now lol. I'll be free today after 5 PM (GMT -5). Look for me on the IMP Channel.
    20. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Thanks friend :] and I'm playing XY OU in SPL Week 1 this Thursday 9 PM EST.
    21. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Sounds good! Anytime after Thursday is fine for me since I gotta focus on SPL because I have a match on Thursday. We're in the same timezone though so that's good lol. :]
    22. Juanpa*
      you can play now? my nicks: Ilusionx', Juanpa. , The Joker
    23. Juanpa*
      ok today I will be online all night, hope to see you
    24. Juanpa*
      Tell me what time you can play on Thursday or Friday? because the weekend I'll be traveling.
    25. Juanpa*
      Ok, after of 1th January play then :]
    26. Juanpa*
      Hi, I'm GMT-5 if you want we can play tomorrow, between 1 and 5 pm in your country i'll be online, if not, I think it would be until after January 1, or say your one day and an hour and I will try to be.
    27. bugzinator
      Lol good games.
      Sorry for johning the VM; I was just expecting to see you around, guess you never know what can happen!
    28. Luck>Skill
      Elmo :] #freeLuck worked!!!
    29. Laurel
      okay it is a date for wednesday then.
    30. Finchinator
      yo bro
      i'm out for elite 4, so no need to donk me again

      wanna play some games for fun? if not it's nbd but wynaut XD
    31. Laurel
      i think it's been a week i'm ready
    32. Finchinator
      Also, we should totall do mirror matches with my teams in ever tier just to give me a fair chance
    33. Finchinator
      Salutations user The Real Elmo.
      I am interested in challenging your Elite 4, if you don't mind.
      I am GMT -4 and I will be on during all of friday night, saturday, and sunday with a few on and off periods of being afk. However, my activity will be high and I will be preparing and/or ready when I am not afk, so fear not.
      Back to the topic, my dearest Elmo, I will likely need tomorrow and possible saturday to prepare. This leaves Sunday and possibly Saturday night open to battle. In addition, I can battle on Monday afternoon or at any time on Tuesday.
      Please respond in a timely manner, my good friend Elmo.

    34. Laurel
      Alright I'll make it work thanks bro.
    35. Laurel
      Alright we have less than 2 weeks to battle and since I need to wait a week to rematch if I lose i'd prefer to play in like the next 2 days. I know exams are packed but you think you can fit in an hour to play?
    36. Laurel
      Can we play tomorrow for e4? My teams are ready.
    37. Elodin
      hey, wanna play today around smogon tour time? you can find me on po for the rest of the day as boom its noel.
    38. Laurel
      Fyi elmo that was my post and he copied me. Look at the times. I was too scared to post in thread i posted that on irc everyone agreed. My opinion ends here im not get in trouble for this.

      Incase u dont read thread anymore c/p
    39. Elodin
      hi, we must play for ltt. i'm on gmt-3 and you can find on po main and irc (#baril) as elodin.
    40. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      when can u play for the week 4 match? we have to play for this
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