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Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
Mar 28, 2012
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Jun 29, 2014

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Mortimer the Mighty Bagon


    1. Elodin
      holy fuck
    2. MultX
      Hi! If you are EO then when can you play our POWC game?
      1. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
        Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
        I'm free from 1 am to 7 am GMT-5 tomorrow.
        Jun 2, 2014
    3. Froggy
      they switched in axily in for your powc opponent figured i would give you a heads up
    4. Bob Backspin
      Bob Backspin
      Hey man we're matched for POWC n' stuff. I'm EST, hbu? I can play on either PS or PO.
      1. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
        Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
        Hi, I'm one hour behind. I'll be available from 2-5 today and all day tomorrow.
        May 2, 2014
      2. Bob Backspin
        Bob Backspin
        Aight, where can I find you?
        May 2, 2014
    5. Elodin
      I like your signature ~n_n~
    6. PichiTheShinyPichu
      We're facing each other in the PCWC, what time is best for you?
      GMT -7 here
    7. Elodin
      EO ~n_n~
    8. Michael
      I'm on server right now, I think I missed you.
    9. jasonpwn
    10. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      I'm on the PO Server as NRFM. Chall me once you're ready
    11. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Will you be able to play on wednesday? 3pm your time?
    12. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Hi we have to play for POCL week 7. When would you like to play and what's your timezone? Mine's gmt+0
    13. braveswin11
      :O I joined the forums one day after you :O
    14. ShowMeTheMankey
      yeah I should be online :)
    15. ShowMeTheMankey
      hi, we're opponents in POCL. I'm GMT+1 and fairly active on PO under my ShowMeTheMankey acc. Hit me up to organise things
    16. mibuchiha
      Saturday 11 pm - 1 am GMT+8 sounds good.
    17. mibuchiha
      yo we need to set a time.
    18. syrim
      i'm gmt -6, i can make some kind of time most days.
    19. Clarion
      Hey, Mortimer! I have something for you. Place that in your signature! :)
    20. DSM01
      I'm your last opponent for the World Cup. I was putting it off because I wanted to shake off a bit of rust, but I don't think anyone even cares about this tournament anymore so let's just get it done. If it's okay with you can we please play the B/W Ubers metagame and not the B2/W2 meta? I've been on a hiatus of sorts lately and haven't even played since B2/W2 was released. I can be on whenever, so when can you battle?
    21. Mr. Omgness
      Mr. Omgness
      Heya, we still need to fight for the TDKD Tournament. Havent heard from you back yet.
    22. hotty#7
      how do you battle pokemon with othe people
    23. Mattstah
      so when do ya want to get the match done, btw what's your server name
    24. dhhaxmaster
      Time to start spamming you again. I'm going "places" tomorrow and I won't have access to a computer until the deadline. So if we're going to finish this match we're going to have to do it sometime today or very early in the morning tomorrow. How about today at 4?
    25. dhhaxmaster
      Sweet, now all that has to happen is you PMing your team to Soren and us meeting each other. Like I said in the first message neutral luck.
    26. Mr. Omgness
      Mr. Omgness
      Heya, we need to play for the TDKD Tournament. I am GMT+2 and I have finished my exams this week so I got quite some free time. Actally if you suggest a time between 9 AM and 10 PM gMT time on any given da I have a big chance of being able to make it. So just suggest some times that work for you and we should be able to fix something.
    27. dhhaxmaster
      Hey Bagon we really need to start thinking about setting up a time to battle. If you could tell me your timezone and times when you're available that would really help set up a time so we can finish this match. If we could finish first that would be great. But first, don't forget to PM your team.
    28. dhhaxmaster
      What's up Bagon. We're opponents in the harmony tourney thing. My timezone is GMT -5. Hopefully we can quickly PM our teams and get the battle done but if not, we can schedule a time. Neutral luck.
    29. fidgety
      sure, smogon alright?
    30. Parpar
      So, When do you want to battle?
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