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Sep 9, 2010
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May 29, 2012
    1. Wulfert
      Originally posted by cosmicexplorer
      I LOVE YOU ;_;

    2. Spoof
      Hey there, I've got a question for you. How effective is Eviolite (or the Pokémon using the item) in VGC? I guess there must be some Pokémon with a huge support movepool unable to make use of it when, it's pre-evolution can.

      By the way, congratulations on the Pre-Contributor badge on Smogon (I guess you probably have it since, like, Janurary, but last time I checked I didn't see anything). I've seen the analysis you wrote and they're very insteresting.
    3. Gar4BDChomp
      Hello,i never saw you on the server,you have otehr alt there? :3
    4. Pizza
      The funniest part was when everyone took you seriously.

      This post is my new favorite post ever, though. For srs.
    5. dragonmaster951753
      lol never, It was all good, I could tell you was playing
    6. zeroality
      I haven't been able to get online. No, this is canon Pokemon. Shanai will be handling AI battles and perhaps random trainer encounters. We will have people acting as Gym Leaders and Elite Four. Players will play through the RPG on the server as they would ingame, only on the server instead of a handheld. They used to be popular on NetBattle but there was never one for Shoddy and PO hasn't really had one yet.

      We're working on some pretty cool stuff if you want to check it out, this is still in the early stages so keep that in mind if you visit the forums/server.
    7. zeroality
      How do you like RPG servers?
    8. Pizza
    9. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Why aren't you ever on the PO server? :(

      Inb4 "Who the hell are you?".

      Check your previous Visitor messages. :)
    10. Stofil
      More to love, babeh.
    11. Manaphy
      Check your threat list thread.
      I have added a few entries to help you, last month.
    12. Knight Owl
      Knight Owl
    13. Stofil
      Oh no, don't tell me you turn into the pitiful Sulk, who cries more the sadder he gets?

      Terrifying, I will stop this proness immediately.
    14. Luigifan18
      Yo. I've made a new Create-A-Pokemon Kitchen for Pokemon Online! Feel free to join in!
    15. Jedgi
      Let's go Caps! :)
    16. zeroality
      Just your posts are usually well thought out and sensible. I thought I might recognize you from somewhere else as a seasoned veteran.
    17. zeroality
      I'm curious, do you have any other names that I might know from other forums?
    18. JinLong88
      Thanks for the kind message, I've read many of your posts and you are seriously one of the wisest people here lol
    19. Stofil
      Prove it.
    20. cosmicexplorer
    21. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      To explain coyo's deletion of your post (despite it making imo a very good point), the current topic is to debate whether this should be removed for being luck dependent/whether there is a problem with chomp+powder, not how to go about solving it. If it ends with a yes, we can try to make sure that only a Pokémon is banned, rather than adding a semi complex ban (non Pokémon) when it is not needed.
    22. Eternal
      You have been chosen as a candidate for the Pokemon Online Well. Would you be willing to participate?
    23. -AlphaAmpharos-
      'Sup Comicexplorer! I have a question for you, why are you never online? lol
    24. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Nice Avatar dude. ;)
    25. Pizza
      I do, I rarely use it anymore. It's 'pizzapie'.
    26. zeroality
      I lol'd at your post in the Shandera suspect thread - the one using/quoting improper grammar.

      I needed that chuckle after mucking through to count votes. Thanks!
    27. Crystal Moogle
      Crystal Moogle
      You know too much...
    28. Crystal Moogle
      Crystal Moogle
      Kupo is the sound a moogle makes :3
      And a Kupo Nut is a Moogle's favourite food
    29. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      It's fine :3
      I really don't mind people saying anything that annoys me, I just like to argue. I'm sure I've said much more flamy things than most of PO and I believe people have a right to express their opinions in as absurb means as possible.
    30. ladysalamence
    31. Galblade
      Hey, I see you on the smogon suspect forums, What's your opinion on everyone voting/nominating Rankurusu as a suspect?
    32. Manaphy
      Format it and edit however you wish.

      Typing: Grass / Steel
      Abilities: Iron Thorns
      Base Stats: 74 HP / 94 Atk / 131 Def / 54 SpA / 116 SpD / 20 Spe

      Nattorei's typing, nice overall bulk, and support options give it a niche in the Uber metagame. It walls Pokemon such as Latias, Latios, Giratina, Giratina-O, and Arceus-Steel. Its typing gives it very useful resistances to Water, Dragon, Electric, Normal, Ghost, Psychic, Steel, Rock and an immunity to Poison. It has plenty of move options available to it; Leech Seed, Power Whip, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Gyro Ball, Toxic and Thunder Wave. Its main problem is becoming set up for Forretress and getting trapped by Shandera.
    33. Manaphy
      Do you need help with your DW Threat List?
    34. DDwhiscash
      thanks man that means alot ^ ^
    35. DDwhiscash
      Girlfriend problems for christmas .... boo
    36. DDwhiscash
      Ssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how was christmas
    37. Archerknight

      Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!
    38. SSP
      Ohhhhh. I never knew what that meant, lol. I guess I know now.
    39. SSP
      Oh, btw. Why do you have a "+" next to your name on the "online users" bar?
    40. SSP
      Yep, SandslashPWNS, lol.
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