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Mar 31, 2012
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Apr 15, 2015

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    1. royal flush
      royal flush
      We gotta gsc frend, I'm gmt -3. What about Sunday?
    2. Teo Petrou
      Teo Petrou
      Sorry dude that it took me so long to reply. If you want we can play on sunday or saterday and i can login from 3pm until 9 pm greek time
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      2. Teo Petrou
        Apr 9, 2015
      3. Teo Petrou
        Teo Petrou
        in 10 min need to open my pc
        Apr 9, 2015
      4. Teo Petrou
        Teo Petrou
        i'm in were are you ?
        Apr 9, 2015
    3. Tamaaa
      powc tomorrow after tour yn
    4. [VoD]Metabeast
      when do u wanna play for powc
      gmt -5
      rdy whenever
      1. OldNite
        When you want GMT +1
        Mar 9, 2015
    5. Artemisa
      We play for the pcwc, LC Uber I can battle p much most of the day if I have my phone, just name a time and day. Chances are I can make it.
    6. East's Mascot
      East's Mascot
      When will you be on? I'm on from 3-10 pm in the #[Hero] channel for today and tomorrow and I'll be here all weekend
    7. Carloo
      crackero cuando quieras jugamos por la pocl estaba de viaje pero ya he llegado xd
    8. Zidane_Triple-H
      which GMT are u in? and when will u battle and where?
    9. Zidane_Triple-H
      Just come to PCWC channel u can see there.
    10. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hmmm, i could play tomorrow (wednesday) at 18:00 my time (19:00 yours) if that works
    11. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hi lets play some gsc, im gmt +1 tell me when youre avail
    12. IFM
      Any day after 3 pm EST works for me until about 1 am. LMK
    13. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      when can we play for powc?
    14. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey there.
      I've asked you twice for your server username in the thread but you seem to be ignoring me. BBB is active and I will put you in contact with him, I'd just like to know your server username.
    15. mibuchiha
      Let's do this. GMT+8. On most nights 2100 - whenever I sleep, usually 0200.
    16. ALLALA
      Hey. We battle in POWC
      Find me on #USSR in PO for details :) (or ask anyone there, they'll help)
    17. bugzinator
      Hey man I am currently on the PO server and I will be around all day, you can find me on either Tohjo, #Team UK or #POWC so come online when you want to battle. A preferable time for me would be around 2-4 PM gmt!
    18. bugzinator
      You can't see me never? lol funny how I have been active every day that I said I would and there are people that can back me up on this if you don't think I am telling the truth. I will be online all day on Sunday as I said I would, if this isn't a good day for you please tell me soon so we can arrange for another time. I have looked for the alt OldNite on the PO server numerous times and haven't seen it on the main server once, if this isn't the username that you are currently using then make sure to tell me, I always use bugzinator whenever I am online so it should be really easy for you to find me.
    19. bugzinator
      Hey I didn't see you around. Looks like we will have to battle on Sunday, I'll be online pretty much all day then you should be able to find me on the main server username bugzinator.
    20. IFM
      So which of those days work. I'm back from college now so I have a lot of free time, I just need to know when.
    21. IFM
      Firday Saturday or Sunday, either of them work

      I'm GMT -5
    22. bugzinator
      Hey I should be available for pretty much all of today and tomorrow if that's okay with you.
    23. OldNite
      I pm'd you on PO, reply me
    24. metaphysical
      hey i'm on PO as nottoday, pm me there to play ^^
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