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Jun 6, 2010
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Mar 21, 2018

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    1. Christos
      Hello ! We're playing dpp for the powc this week. When would you like to play ? My timezone is GMT+3 and I can play whenever you want apart from Sunday. I'd prefer to play on Saturday.
    2. DeepBlueC
      Hey we have to play for POWC this week. My timezone is EST, and I'd prefer to play sometime during the weekend.
    3. kebab mlml
      kebab mlml
      hi, when for powc? i can tomorrow in the afternoon (3-5 PM) or thursday same time or the night (like 8 since 10 PM). I'm gmt +2
    4. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      im est. free all week, when do you wanna play for powc?
    5. Hyper il Rosso
      Hyper il Rosso
      ehy man when you want battle for POWC?
    6. La.Melle2402
      hey, we have to battle for powc. im gmt +2, when are u free?
    7. Edna
      Hi when play meowmix tour
      put me in bro @lc against germany
    9. Nails
      idr what your skype name is but i think i have you added if not im nailsou on there
    10. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      hey, when do you want to fight fo POT?
    11. Cronenberg
      hi we've to play for powc i'm gmt+2,when are u free?
    12. MetalGross
      so im fiting you now???
      Im GMT +2 active in evening etc cant fight til thursday night tho
      1. xtrashine
        we fight thursday night tho
        Sep 1, 2014
      2. MetalGross
        ok cool just make sure it isnt too late like 6PM GMT +2? or 8PM?
        Sep 2, 2014
    13. Pako.
      Hi, we have to play for the 5º round of POWC in dpp ou, when can you play?
    14. DestinyUnknown
      it's amazing lol

      you actually said that when playing a battle I can't remember when though xD
      1. xtrashine likes this.
    15. H-C
      Yo ! We have to battle for POCL .-. I'm GMT+2, tell me when you can battle.
    16. ZoroDark
      I'm kinda everytime online during weekends, you can find me in Xclusive channel, or Tournaments.
      I arranged a time with Dasdardly: If you're on around 7 PM your time, either tomorrow or the day after, we should get this done. Lemme know something if that works out.
    17. ZoroDark
      We're opponents for POCL, I can be online from 10PM GMT during the week and pretty much always during the weekends. Mind I'm Mountain USA time. I'm usually on on the alt XcluslZoro or similiar ones. Hope to get this done soon.
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