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Apr 10, 2012
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eat an apple day sed,,, Female, from United Kingdom

    1. Peli
      powc get -7 lmk when
    2. cries in vain
      cries in vain
      yo give me ur skype over forum pm fam(i'm assign)
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        May 8, 2016
    3. Arii Stella'
      Arii Stella'
      Hey, we are paired for powc week 3. When are you able to play?
      My timezone is -6 and I'd like to play on Wednesday or Friday!
    4. Proof
      why are you a savage LOL
      1. cries in vain likes this.
    5. SOMALIA
      We have to fight for POT, when is convenient?
    6. Astounded
      We fite for powc finals, when do you wanna play? I'd prefer playing as soon as possible
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        ok well if you find me its on, otherwise ill be about sunday
        May 18, 2015
    7. ShowMeTheMankey
      autistic pict?
    8. trc
      adam or chrome
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        adam - rylian or w/e hes called
        Apr 15, 2015
    9. Astounded
      Hi, we're paired for powc week 6. I can any day at 8pm (according to gmt +3). Lemme know what works for you.
    10. Alexander.
      Ik thread isn't up already but guess we are fightin in ubers this week? Im gmt +1 as you probably know and Im rdy whenever, just prefer to play in my early afternoons (between 3 PM to 5 PM) or my evenings between 9 PM to 10:30 PM. I prefer playing either tomorrow, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday if possible, lemme know what you prefer
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      2. Alexander.
        guess I can play a bit later, maybe something like 10 PM works for you?
        Mar 9, 2015
      3. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        now? lul
        Mar 9, 2015
      4. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        if not yeh later at 10 sounds kosha
        Mar 9, 2015
    11. Rowan29
      hey, just wondering if you were holding tryouts for team uk, and if there's like a team channel on irc or something?
    12. Kody
      yea i wont be back in state for this week. i really tried but Ive got a lot of family shit holding me up here. week 2 im solid for dont worry bout that. sorry bout this week tho
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        no worries man have a good holiday, see you next week
        Aug 23, 2014
    13. CAUSE & EFFECT
      Hey bro. How are the Seakings looking for POCL? Do you guys still have open spots for XY or BW? I am C&E on the forums by the way. I also have a huge database of saved replays that I can share with you guys from OST, Smogon Tour, and SPL. I also can play DPP man. Ive been relearning the tier.
    14. Daybreak
      uucl wen fite, i'm gmt -5 and have a lot of free time this week
    15. jasonpwn
      yo, message me on po next time u see me on #IDM.
    16. Zamrock
      when r u on PO. i wanna fite 4 XY OU or BW2 OU in POCL
    17. Emiliano96
      we are opponents for pot, i'm gmt +2, i'm usually in the idm clan channel with the name Emiliano96
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        fite now?
        Jul 29, 2014
    18. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      We are opponents for UUCL. I'm +8 GMT, I'm free during 8pm to 10pm on any day except for weekends. I'll be in rc as Kurumi Tokisaki.
    19. MewtwoHidden
      yo we gotta play for UUCL, you free Saturday from around 1 - 10:30 PM GMT -5

      and ofc ill be on Rage Channel. as MewtwoHidden pretty much whenever I'm on.
    20. TGMD
      Hey problems, how do I contact Chrome? I know he doesn't go on PO or Smogon forums, but I can't seem to find him on IRC either. To my understanding he uses either high_impulse or blueprint as his IRC nickname, but he hasn't been on high_impulse for 46 days and he hasn't been on blueprint for 74 days. It's early on and I'm not trying to pull some activity bullshit here, I just wanna know how to contact him :]
    21. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      Weekdays 7:30-9PM.
      Weekends 8AM - 9PM.
      Pick a time that suits.
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      2. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        i might even stll be online in the next hour and i assume thats one of your weekday times? find me on po
        May 30, 2014
      3. Monsters of Men
        Monsters of Men
        sorry was @ school. But i'll be on all of tomorrow from 8AM to around 9PM. should see you then.
        May 30, 2014
      4. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        May 30, 2014
    22. TGW
      We gotta battle for Monotheism. When are you free for it?
    23. Scatterbrain
      Hello, we're opponents for the Monotheism tournament, hosted by Ramiel. I'm usually on the server between 5pm - 11pm EST (or 22:00 - 4:00 GMT). If we can arrange a time around there, that would be splendid.
      1. BLUFF GOD
        BLUFF GOD
        yo do you wana play now?
        May 23, 2014
      2. Scatterbrain
        Anytime is perfect, I'm on the server as Scatterbrain. I can't seem to find you.
        May 24, 2014
    24. ShowMeTheMankey
    25. Halsey
      Dealing with idiots who don't know the difference between "fun" shittalk and "look at me, I'm an obnoxious faggot" shittalk doesn't make things more interesting for me. Idiots ruin things for everyone :(
    26. Halsey
    27. Maxedofhaxed
      we're opps for r1 of poyt, what's your timezone?
    28. Luck>Skill
      <33333 30cmprobs :]]]]]]
    29. puregenius
      Sounds good
      I'll see u at 10pm
    30. puregenius
      Sorry man can't do now it's 3 am lol
      I can do nights though or weekends
      I'm gmt +10 btw
    31. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      If it was today im sorry i couldnt come on. I have buses to catch. However, if it's tomorrow, i will be there. Hopefully we can get this done. Sorry for the communication errors.
    32. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      Hey, i waited around on PO but you didn't show up. When can you next be on and i can try? Ik timezones are a litttle fuked. I'm GMT +10
    33. -Leon-
      Confirming it's Leontest :)
    34. -Leon-
      POCL fite when?
    35. Honey cocaine
      Honey cocaine
      In the middle of the week if it is right for you
    36. Msyu
      Okay... I just came back from the conference. When would you like to battle?
    37. Msyu
      I won't be available for our POCL match until Tuesday as I am at a conference.
    38. BryceLoski
      chh...why did the boy quit being the gym leader ?
    39. llvallejoll
      Hey, we're opponents from POT R1, when want u play?
      I'm gmt-5
    40. puregenius
      No worries mate always happy to help :)
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