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Sep 15, 2010
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Mar 13, 2017


Chilean Player, from Chile

    1. Heysup
      You're on right now? want to play?
    2. monferno
      yo im on
      1. monferno
        ok Im leaving since you're still not here, leave me a vm or something for a time tomorrow
        May 3, 2014
    3. monferno
      Hey we have to play for WCOP, I'm GMT +1, you?
    4. Pako.
      Hola mariconcio, nos toca jugar, cuando puedes y quieres que te de el 6-0 :c ?
    5. DarkDiglett
      weekends are fine, i'm +13
    6. Tokoya
      I'd like to try out for both OU and UU, but I'll be sure to add you on skype and or contact you on the server once I reach back on my laptop later tonight
    7. Tokoya
      Hey, I want to join the LA group, where do I like tryout?
    8. Hot N Cold
      Hot N Cold
      Sasuke ey somos rivales para el Oficial de PO, cuando quedamos mas o menos? la semana que viene esta bien n_n Hablame luego por el msn mejor, nos vemos.
    9. garchomp osfp
      garchomp osfp
      hello... i can't battle for the tournament because of working so tell them that you are qualifying ok?? gl with the rest of the tour!! :)
    10. garchomp osfp
      garchomp osfp
      ok so... i can about 02:00 gmt +2 at both days because i'm working earlier.. is that ok? i'll be online at about this hour...
    11. garchomp osfp
      garchomp osfp
      ok sure!! :) about 2 hours earlier from the time i send you this message... :)
    12. garchomp osfp
      garchomp osfp
      i can play tonight... :) i hope i'll be online at the right time... i have the same name at the server so you will find me... :)
    13. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Well, sadly we'll have to refuse for now, because like half of our team still has exams and I won't have Internet for maybe a week so nobody can organise that from our side. Maybe sometimes later :)
    14. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Meh, Euro-2012 match will start around that time, but I will be on server.
    15. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Under what nickname are you usually on? I tried looking for both Hangover and 'SasukeNF and haven't seen you yet...
    16. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Having problems with my computer, probably won't be able to battle until 20th
    17. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      We are supposed to do it on Pokemon Online server, I'm free almost every day from 1 PM to 1 AM GMT +2. I can be on as Coupe de Boule or as Jozin z Bazin. Hope we'll see each other. Btw, we are not supposed to battle until it's 18th, lol.
    18. Treecko
      Hi, when are you available to play for the lower tier showdown?
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