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Apr 21, 2012
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Apr 8, 2020

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    1. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      when do you want to play? probably early afternoon my time on thursday would be best?
    2. PomMan
      We have to play for POWC, I'll post both here and smogon, when's good for you?
    3. Mister Tim
      Mister Tim
      hi bomber, we have to fightfor POCL. GMT +3, Friday would probably work best. Are you available then?
    4. MetalGross
      hi bomber, we have to fightfor POCL. GMT +2, Friday would probably work best. Are you available then?
    5. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      Hey Bomber, we're up next! I'm GMT-5, and I'm available Sunday or Monday at 11am - will one of those times work for you?
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      2. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        Let's do it! Sunday at 11am GMT-5, see you then
        Sep 4, 2015
      3. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        I'm on PO main, see you soon
        Sep 6, 2015
      4. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        Hey Bomber it's been an hour and a half since the scheduled time (it's 12:36pm GMT-5 now). I'm still just idling on PO main if you are able to show up soon, otherwise we need to reschedule
        Sep 6, 2015
    6. autumn leaves
      autumn leaves
      hi when do you wanna play for old gen tour, you can find me on smogon/irc i'm gmt -5
    7. Ma Junior
      Ma Junior
      Hi Bomber, we're playing against each other in the first round. I can play at any time today if that works for you.
    8. Golden Gyarados
      Golden Gyarados
      Hey Bomber, we're up for week 5! When are you available? Earlier in the week is better for me!
      1. Bomber.
        from this moment when you want
        Sep 23, 2014
      2. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        Cool. I'm in the airport right now but I should be at my destination and online in about 4 hours and will stay online for a few hours after that. I'll idle on main PO server, hope to be able to catch you!
        Sep 23, 2014
    9. Commander F
      Commander F
      Hi, I'm your POWC apponent. Can we play on Saturday or Sunday? I'll be online whole the day on USSR channel. I'm GMT+4.
      1. Bomber.
        OK saturday its perfetc see you my GMT is +1 but isnt a problem
        May 7, 2014
    10. Fille
      Ey man, we're opps for PCWC this week (HGSS UU)! I'm GMT +1, usually online between 3PM GMT-8PM GMT. I usually go by alts including Fille and a random [Hero] clantag :].
    11. Atoni
      i'd like to play on weekend although i don't login that much here so you could add me on skype, i'm always online there, i'll pm you my skype

      btw gmt -3 here
    12. Tamaaa
      I'll try my best. if I miss the schedule, let it be known I told you before I couldn't play (see: first vm). however, friday I'll probably be free.
    13. Bomber.
      ok for thursday, what do you think about 9 pm your time? im gmt +1 so earlier than this is so difficult for me.
    14. Tamaaa
      when to play for pocl? I'm gmt-3 mostly active at nights. I cant play thursday nor friday probably
    15. Lutra
      hey, can you play your match against Honig asap?
    16. Carloo
      Hey guy when can you play for the POCL?
    17. Hobbes2
      What alt do you play under? I play under hobbes2 so i can easily just pick you out if i see you online
    18. Hobbes2
      We have to wait 2 days so...any time later this week? I'm open to any time tbh
    19. Hobbes2
      When shall we duel?
    20. Bomber.
      ok i'll wait you at 5 pm my time today if you can
    21. Swedefede
      i canbattle anytime friday and saturday and sunday
    22. Swedefede
      im GMT -4. so howabout 3 or 4 my time, 8 or 9 your time?
    23. Swedefede
      does sunday work for you?
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