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May 13, 2012
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Apr 17, 2017


Slightly Less Well-Known Member, from State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

My blade stands ready. Jun 30, 2015

    1. Edna
      hi what alt are you using and when do you plan playing
    2. SOMALIA
      When would you like to play for the oras ou tournament
      1. View previous comments...
      2. inigomontoya
        I can play this round and the next, but I wont be able to finish the tour as it is with my schedule. Taketh yonder win.
        Jul 19, 2015
      3. SOMALIA
        We have a week extension, Im free all day today so I'll be on Pokemon Online tournaments channel waiting if you have time come by
        Jul 21, 2015
      4. inigomontoya
        Still doesnt help that as of Sunday I lose internet access for 3 weeks. just take your win
        Jul 25, 2015
    3. karkinos
      yeehaw, we gotta play for that gods tour. i hang around in the tours channel so message me whenever to schedule, k?
      1. inigomontoya
        zzzzzzz. Find ddrox13 in tours. Or [OG]ddrox13. same person. should be on most afternoons and evenings on weekdays (GMT-4). zzzzzzz. Ill probably find you, I see you around plenty.
        Jul 13, 2015
    4. inigomontoya
      My blade stands ready.
    5. inigomontoya
      Doesnt the Empoleon in my avatar look sooo intimidating? and so awesome?
    6. IronStorm
      We're opponents in the doubles tour, when would be a good time for us to battle? I'm GMT -7 PDT
      1. inigomontoya
        ASAP. I can be on all day today, but school restarts tomorrow and my schedule shrinks. As I posted on your profile, im GMT-5
        Mar 22, 2015
    7. inigomontoya
      I used the full legal name in my Location. because I felt like it and it fit.
    8. inigomontoya
      Let fly the birds of DOOM!
    9. ZoroDark
      Deadline is in 13 hours fyi
      1. inigomontoya
        I was looking at my clock and thinking 7 hours difference, I was just looking 7 hrs in the wrong direction
        Sep 28, 2014
      2. ZoroDark
        Sep 28, 2014
    10. Rioku
      Art request complete!
    11. Sphynx
      Hey man, sorry i have not appeared, was a hard week for me.
      Can we play on weekend? I'm GMT -3, i guess we will not have problems with time.
    12. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      hey agai...i sent u something last time but no responses so i re ask again do u still play PO , r u active ? I can't see u in [Masters] channel
    13. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      r u still active
    14. Flygon Jinn
      Flygon Jinn
      Hi, we're opponents in the challenge cup tour. I'm GMT -5. When would you like to battle?
    15. Hobbes2
      Meh, consider me out. I might be inactive and tbh my drawing was shit round 1, so i didn't deserve it.
    16. Darklight
      hmmm, how the hell are we supposed to get our battle done?!
    17. Nexus
      start the voting?
    18. Nexus
    19. Hobbes2

      but the foot on the head
      gave it intelligence
      no other one had

      hehe i made it as a joke :3 so i dont mind
    20. Darklight
      Can you come on the server at 11:00 AM GMT time?
    21. Kumiho
      No, I just found it on the web.
    22. Forum Name
      Forum Name
      Please make a voting page of that contest allrerady.
    23. Darklight
      ok, when do you stay online?
    24. Darklight
      what cc tour .-.
    25. Annoying Orange
    26. Nexus
      umm okay i can do that
    27. Nexus
      Well it depends. What do you want me to sprite?
    28. Nexus
      Thank you :) and haha. Mine is Mewto <3
    29. Nexus
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  • About

    June 16
    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
    Worst OU player of all time
    Favourite Pokémon:
    PO Trainer Name:
    Yveltal / ddrox13
    I am ddrox13, formerly Yveltal the BOLT and/or InigoMontoya.
    Current Director of Clan-To-Clan Relations @ [P4L]
    Former member of [Hero] (when the Reqs were 1200 in Ubers)
    Former member of [Masters] (before DracoMasters was a thing)

    If someone can tell me how to change my username that would be great


    Soooo 1998
    Yahoo! Messenger:
    no one uses Yahoo Messenger
    Google Talk:
    WTF is Google Talk?


    Click to go to my GPX+ page, I guess...
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