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Sep 24, 2010
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Jun 9, 2015

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    1. Charrol Astra
      Charrol Astra
      i'm your oppo !!!
      tell me when u wanna battle
    2. BingBongBaller
      you know me @ IRC. idk if your times are compatible w/blind pilot's since i see him while you're working, so you might end up facing jorgen for two of your games.
    3. Jørgen
      Actually make that RBY now. Any time during the week you're available? I can only do Monday after 9pm, Tuesday after 4pm, Wednesday after 4pm, and I'd rather not leave this for Thursday 'cause I've got assignments that are due on that day before I am finally done with undergrad.
    4. Jørgen
      Hey Smogon is down right now so I'm messaging you here.

      We are slated to play GSC for POWC. Saturday and Sunday are my best days to battle, although I can battle into the coming week if it comes to that. Let me know if there's a time you'd prefer to battle, otherwise I'll probably be on PO main starting at roughly 3pm EST on Sat/Sun.
    5. Tiba
      yo, show your face at #baril when you wanna battle
    6. Rusl
      Hey Joshe I won't be available this weekend due to a smashed laptop. Lets nail down a solid time before the 22nd
    7. carlo.
      i'll have busy friday and saturday, but i'll be free pretty much anytime on sunday. if you're not good on sunday you can contact me today or tomorrow in #team italy channel, i'll try and stay online as much as i can. i'm gmt+1 btw
    8. Rusl
      Contact me about our POWC match. Usually on tournaments channel as Rusl
    9. Kumiho
      Hey, we're opponents for POWC. When do you wanna play? I'm EST -5 and I'm usually available from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM during weekdays and all day during the weekend. I check the forums a lot, so if I'm not online during these hours, just drop a VM. Good luck.
    10. seco
      hey we have to play for wcop i`m gonna be available on sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm gmt+1. Gonna be on PO server
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