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Sep 25, 2010
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Oct 14, 2012
    1. Dannylink2007
      Daplayaflow: And I can't exactly sit around waiting at a computer for hours, I've got a life to live

      So do I, buddy, that's why we've been having trouble xD. I'll be on at 9.
    2. Dannylink2007
      Blargh! Stop coming on like an hour before me and just leaving >8^O
      lol, I know it's not your fault; but come on, this is really pathetic. I'm surprised they haven't coinflipped yet, let's get it together. This whole problem is both of our faults, but if we can each just STAY ON LONGER before leaving, we can get this done D:
    3. Dannylink2007
      Wait, SERIOUSLY? >_>
      I expected you to come on around ten-elevenish my time, eight o' clock at the EARLIEST. Lol, I did all the stuff I needed to do earlier so that these few hours would be free.
      Sooooo much miscommunication D:

      I really hope you'll be able to get on soon~~if not, I better start checking the forums hourly D:
    4. Dannylink2007
      Alright; I'm sorry, but 1 A:M my time won't work for me. (I have to wake up freakishly early tomorrow, and I need my sleep).
      If you can come on any other time today, please inform me. I'll be free from about 5:30 P:M-10;00 PM my time. (I believe that's 9:30-2:00 your time) Otherwise, if you could come on earlier tommorow that should work fine.
    5. Dannylink2007
      Are you sure we've got the timezones right? It's 11:15 for me, and I don't see you. I'll request an extension just to be on the safe side~~~but I'll stay on for another half hour or so.

      Edit: Okay, idea...how about you post what time you'll be on FORUM TIME. (I think it's basically military time) Thanks!
    6. Dannylink2007
      K, it's 11 for me right now, and I'm on. If I don't see you, just try your best to be online for as long as possible tommorow, and just check for me periodically (Cacturne Lord Danny). If there is a channel in which we can meet, that would prolly make things a lot easier.

      Edit: Sorry, accidentally posted this on my OWN wall. :D

      Also, I made a channel called "Lord Danny's Manor," maybe we'll meet up there :D
    7. Dannylink2007
      Sorry, I've been a bit busy these past few days. My timezone is CST (I believe it's GMT-6), and my screen name is Cacturne Lord Danny. I'll just keep PO on for a good chunk of the day and check it periodically. Thanks!
    8. SockPuppet
      I'll be on as SockPuppet in the Project NU channel.
    9. SockPuppet
      How about now?
    10. SockPuppet
      Sorry, unexpected delays at that time. I should be good anytime for the next day.
    11. SockPuppet
      We're battling for round three of the PO tournament. Anytime is good for me.
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