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May 27, 2012
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Aug 2, 2015
    1. Accelgor
      Yoooo we're POCL opponents for the semis! I'm GMT-4 and I can fight on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays...reply back and we'll negotiate a time. GL :]
      1. Soulchef
        best day for me is sunday, work for you?
        Oct 18, 2014
    2. Tendetta
      hey buddy ur my opp for POCL, i'm GMT+1 and you can find me in hollywood or genius. What times are you available?
    3. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      ye usually both, I'll send out details when it actually starts
    4. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I'd love to have ya, xy uu is all you (tbh idk what the format will be this year but ya)
    5. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      ill probably try to catch you at the weekend then
    6. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      we're opps for uu subforum tour, when can ya play? im gmt
    7. Clarion
      #Jamsch's Barracks is not a server, but a channel found in the Pokemon Online server. For clarification. =)
    8. Clarion
      15-hour difference, lol.

      I have a plethora of alts that will render your search difficult. However, you are invited to visit this PO Channel called Jamsch's Barracks and (hopefully) meet you there.

      Since I'm on my semestral break, here's my schedule:

      Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 9 am 'til 2 pm GMT +8. That's 6 pm to 11 pm for you.
      Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday, literally free until a sudden activity happens.

      I'm not available on Saturday because of a choral event; since my Saturday morning is Friday night for you, well we can still have a chance to meet you.

      Good luck~~
    9. Clarion
      Hello, Psych071c! I'm your opponent for the Lower Tiers Triathlon.

      My timezone is GMT +8, so if you have a fairly flexible time, you could try to arrange a battle for both of us to battle. Good luck~ =)
    10. IFM
      I have fall break this weekend so Friday evening - Monday I should be completely free.
    11. Finchinator
      It'll work (might need like 5 mins to build, but that's ez and I might be on earlier and will build then.)

      I'll be on PO Server as Finchinator.
      Smogon IRC as Finchinator in #Neverused and #Pokemon.

      See you then e_e
    12. Finchinator
      When do you want to battle for the UU Minitour, round 3?
      I am GMT -4.
      I will be on tomorrow evening my time and throughout sunday until the evening my time.
      During the week, I'm restricted to late afternoon / evenings (with periodic stints of inactivity for a few hours.)
    13. Mencemeat
      I might be on the weekdays, but that's shaky, so the weekend at around 12:00-8:00 on which ever day should be good. I'm -4 gmt
    14. Royalty
      Friday at 9pm sound good?
    15. Fosco
      That works!
    16. Fosco
      Hi, I'd like to play on the weekend, Sat or Sun, is it okay? Only problem is... 5 PM -7 is my midnight! Can we play a couple of hours earlier?
      you've been subbed into uu subforum, contact your opponent asap
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