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stéphane curry best waifu

Forum Moderator Server Administrator
    1. User Name
      User Name
      Probably. It's not like I have experience with people being made tier leaders. XD
      At least, not while I was directly involved.
    2. User Name
      User Name
      Update: Looks like you're set to go on a trial basis. Presumably, someone should get you into the council shortly, along with -MMM-.
    3. User Name
      User Name
      Probably need to be approved, yea :P
      I don't have any power to approve you or not, just to nominate. We'll see what happens.
    4. User Name
      User Name
      Basically, side metagames council does tier decisions for the side metagames. And hey, work gets everyone. XD
    5. User Name
      User Name
      Just wondering, how active are you on the simulator and would you be interested in becoming part of the Side Metagames Council?
    6. Finchinator
      I lost power as of 10 minutes ago.
      Accept all of the sets in the Queue, ASAP.
      Once I regain power and come back on PO,
      I'll submit more sets (I have teams full of sets that I need to submit to replace sets I've deleted.)
      I've only made it to Latios but, I'll finish sooner or later, once I regain power.
    7. mibuchiha
      I would like to inform you that you're part of the team!

      Join the channel and start working on OU~
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