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The Dark Master
Jun 22, 2012
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Jul 29, 2018
    1. Scene
      Oh, that's pretty bad :/

      Least you're getting a shiny new comp :D hope to see you soon as possible then!
    2. Scene
      Stop being dead.

      We shall have words when you return o.o
    3. Blind Pilot
      Blind Pilot
      Not sure if you're interested, but i need a team for the Tournament of the Past. Saw that you were signed up as an individual so i figured i'd ask.
    4. Tormented
      I'm Gmt +1 and can play weekends 4-11 pm Gmt. I see you alot on the server so it shouldn't be a problem getting this done.
    5. Halsey
      Get a new avatar or get a new infraction. Up to you
    6. DelanHaar6
      Hey, I'm your LU Tournament match-up for round 1! My time zone is GMT -6, so we'll probably have to hold our battles when it's early afternoon here and evening in the UK. My next three days can accommodate that, as can the 26th and 27th. With school and related activities going on during the other days, I wouldn't be able to battle you until 11 or later UK time. So yeah, PM me back and let's get this thing hammered out.
    7. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Ah ok. How about 7pm tomorrow?
    8. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      You can find me in either Tohjo Falls or the IMP channel. I'm kinda busy today, but we should be able to get a session done tomorrow around 3pm UK time if that works for you.
    9. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      My alts are NO FEAR and Last_Chance. I normally use the former though.
    10. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Hi there! I'm your tutor for the new round of the PO Academy, when would you like to start?
    11. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      If you're going to battle me for a tournament, I'm GMT ±0 and am always in the channels #Danger INC. and #Tournaments. I usually try to make a team as soon as possible. I'm usually on throughout most of the evening; however I might be a bit less active on school days. Alts are:
      The Dark Master, Palpitoad, Santa isn't real, Ṽïøļễṇçḝ
      In the actual colours they are if you see me online. My timezone is GMT ±0, as I live in the UK, although I don't usually do arranging times (unless there's a time difference that means we're never on simultaneously).

      However, at the moment, I'm forced to Showdown! as my computer is not working properly. I use the name LuigiTDM on there, but as I don't go on as often as I go on PO, we'll have to arrange a time (timezone above).
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