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Jun 26, 2012
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Mar 12, 2015

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    1. Teo Petrou
      Teo Petrou
      greek time pls
    2. Teo Petrou
      Teo Petrou
      hey dude we have to fight for POWC i can play every day except saturday pick a day and time
    3. During Summer
      During Summer
      Ehi! We have to fight for POCL! I'll be on Little Italy/Tohjo Falls/POCL channel. GMT+2
    4. marcoasd
      Hi, we're playing in POCL. I'll be easy to find on Tohjo Falls. GMT +1
    5. Isa
      Hey, we're playing in POCL! I'm GMT+2

      I'm available all day Thursday and today, but on Friday I'm travelling to the other side of the country. However I will return by Sunday evening. So basically, I can play today and all Thursday up until 9 PM, Sunday evening my time, and maybe Tuesday evening. Does any of this work out for you? If not, let me know when you can play and I'll try to makeit work.
    6. Lord Elyis
      Lord Elyis
      yo when do you wanna play for pocl? im gmt+2
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      2. Lord Elyis
        Lord Elyis
        okay im on smogtours
        Sep 10, 2014
      3. Lord Elyis
        Lord Elyis
        bro when can you play then?
        Sep 13, 2014
      4. Lord Elyis
        Lord Elyis
        the deadline is today, are you able to get this done?
        Sep 14, 2014
    7. Zamrock
      If u got skype add me: dubbs4life i'm gmt -5, we fite POCL i like long walks on da beach and fiteing on friday or weekends. hmu WCoP champion,,,
      1. Hill
        we're in touch and scheduled for saturday 2pm of Zamrock's time, just for the record
        Sep 1, 2014
      2. Hill
        hey mate will not be able to be online today, mind if we play tomorrow?
        Sep 6, 2014
    8. TGMD
      Hey, we're battling for POCL. I'm GMT + 12 and I can battle after 4 pm my time weekdays and pretty much whenever in the weekend, but yeah my weekend is preferable. When do you want to battle?
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      2. TGMD
        See you in 4 hours :o
        Aug 31, 2014
      3. TGMD
        Ready when you are :)
        Aug 31, 2014
      4. TGMD
        I'll be on for the next 6 hours or so, and I'll get home at 4 pm my time (GMT + 12) tomorrow, which is 1 hour before the deadline. Will you be able to get this battle done?
        Aug 31, 2014
    9. Alexander.
      hey we are paired for pocl week 1. im gmt +2 and i think that weekend would work better for us, let me know something
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      2. Alexander.
        ya it works
        Aug 21, 2014
      3. Hill
        sorry i'll not be able to play today either.

        i'll try to reach you saturday :s
        Aug 22, 2014
      4. Alexander.
        its ok
        Aug 22, 2014
    10. FAFUS
      hmmm, depending on the hour, but... probably, say me the hour on your time zone and i'll try to adapt
    11. FAFUS
      well, i think i'll be available to play on weekend, this week i'm having some tests at college so on weekend would be nice to play friday/saturday, as you prefer.
    12. Dasdardly
      Hey man, life happened and I probably won't be able to make 8, will you be on much later than that tonight? And could you play tomorrow if not?
    13. FatherTime
      Sorry for not showing up. I'm not that used to being really active in PO forums.
    14. Dasdardly
      Fantastic, I'll mark it and see you then ^_^
    15. Dasdardly
      User Hill I will be free late Wednesday to Friday and then after ST on Sunday. I will not be able to play on Saturday. I am GMT-5, I hope to see you soon.
    16. FatherTime
      I'm available most of the time. After 4pm -6 GMT. Usually when I am open.
    17. Colchonero
      Hey, what about to play in 10 mins on PO server?
    18. Colchonero
      Well, i came about 1 am, now it's 2 am in Spain and i don't see you online so i'm going to sleep now. Let's do it tomorrow then
    19. Colchonero
      Hi, i usually can from 4 or 4:30 to 8 pm (GMT+2), and also can to play about 1 am. I probably won't be available on Saturday, but i can the rest of the days.
    20. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      I can only play Thursday this time and Sunday after smogon tour
    21. IFM
      Does tomorrow at 3 pm est work?
    22. Weavile
      Hi, I've given an extension to all games this week, you can play if you want to. Extension lasts until the end of all stars
    23. IFM
      Want to play tomorrow at 3 pm my time?
    24. Carloo
      Tomorrow its good
    25. Carloo
      hey, we gotta battle for pocl week 3. What time is good for you?
      My gmt is -4:30
    26. Phetto
      Hey man! I've been pretty busy in the last days and never had time to log... Anyway if I still am in time we can play both today or tomorrow at basically every time. Lemme know
    27. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey whats your timezone/availability? Tryina coordinate a sub
    28. mibuchiha
      Sire Hill,

      It hast cometh to my attention that we are to duel in the tier of GSC OU bearing the weight of our team's honor. I beseech thee to inform me of thy preferred time to play so we can get this duel to happen without buffooneries.
      I am residing in the time zone of GMT+8 and it would be most wonderful if thou can make it at around 2300, almost everyday would work in this hour.

      Yours sincerely,
    29. IronStorm
      Sunday around 5 PM PST good for you?
    30. FAFUS
      hey, i'm gmt +1 and i'll be active until the deadline, is sunday ok for you to play? like 23.00 or something like this on gmt+1
    31. IFM
      I'll be on as Hayley for the rest of the day, might be afk a little bit sporadically, but you should be able to find me.
    32. IFM
      I'll be on tonight around 8 gmt -5 and all day tomorrow.
    33. IronStorm
      I can battle whenever, GMT -8 PST
    34. Kland
      gmt +10

      free from 5-10 weekdays all thsi weekend
    35. Jørgen
      Yes, it should be.
    36. Jørgen
      Sunday works best for me.
    37. Lavos Spawn
      Lavos Spawn
      hey man i should be back here around 7 pm your time, if you stay on PO server around that time I will find you and we can battle!
    38. Hib
      If you can't just tell me when you can..
    39. Hib
      I'll be tomorrow May 3 6-9 pm GMT+4
    40. Hib
      Let's meet at Pokemon Online server
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