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Jun 30, 2012
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Dec 11, 2013


Back to abuse Brokengoth, from #Rage Channel.

    1. User Name
      User Name
      'Ey, know you're busy, but I feel obligated to tell everyone that we're halfway through March and still need the analyses in :P
      If you're too hassled, don't mind this.
    2. User Name
      User Name
      Aw, man, that'll be too bad. XP
      Ah, well. Hopefully we'll get the other ones done...though currently it's not looking too optimistic. I suppose it's been pretty busy. Even I'm feeling the pinch, and I practically fart free time.

      Also, thanks for the link. It's been bookmarked so I don't lose it again. :P
      That being said, it's surprisingly difficult to find ._.
      I think I found it before but I don't remember how.
    3. Taiils
      I might be able to get on at that time. I get home around 3 PM EST so we might be able to get this done. The round usually takes a few days to process so we might have a little more time.
    4. Taiils
      I don't know if we're going to be able to get this done. I'll try to get on tomorrow morning and I guess we can see what we can do.
    5. Taiils
      Hey dude, I've been really busy with midterms this week. I'm EST, so I can play sometime tonight. I usually get on around 12 AM and get off around 3 or so, but if there's a time that works better for you I can try to get on at that time. Just let me know.
    6. Finchinator
      I'll be on, probably sometime from 7:30 PM (give or take a half hour) onwards.
    7. Finchinator
      In the mornings, I have to wake up and goto my dad's office and help out, then I head back to the university, for class.
      Couldn't do that =\
    8. Finchinator
      Ugh, afraid that wouldn't work for me...
      Any ideas?
    9. Finchinator
      That time is kinda bad being that it'd be around noon my time and I'd be in the middle of school.
      Weekend? (I'll be on all day Sunday=C)
    10. Finchinator
      Ms. Pokemon Online Tournament, Round 2
      We're opponents
      When'd you like to battle
      What's your GMT
      What's your avaliability
      I'm GMT -5, btw
    11. Keroro Gunso
    12. Keroro Gunso
    13. Aurist
      also posted this on sulcata's wall

      tbqh, i haven't really known what's going on either. I've been left all alone with Side Metas stuff when i was only appointed for NEU in the first place. I'm looking to get you and sulcata appointed, are you up for being part of the side metas council? The trial basis probably won't be a set time period but based on the work you put in. It should be easy to tell whether yr having a positive effect on the side metas area or not.
    14. User Name
      User Name
      I call you a girl or guy based on your avvie :P
      Which means you're also currently a girl, to me.
      Anyhow, good luck, and don't make me look bad for recommending you ;D
    15. User Name
      User Name
      Well if no one directly brought this to our attention, nor informed the people themselves, I highly doubt anything has been done about it!

      Anyway, we don't object to it, on a trial basis. That means they don't get auth yet. However, I encourage the other Side Metas leaders to PM them and ask if they wanna help lead the Side Metas. If they say yes, there you go, you've got a new trial leader. If not, then oh dear.
      T-Dogg and Aurist have also given their approval.
      Make sure to contact Aurist, as she is the other Side Metagames person of note. She ought to be able to help you out with whatever it is the Side Metagames Council does.

      And here I was hoping someone else would do this for me. No rest for the wicked. :(
    16. RockyRd
      I'm gmt -5. I can battle Saturday night or Sunday. You will also be able to find me in tours.
    17. User Name
      User Name
      Ya, seems to be one of the restricted forums. Was pretty funny when I first saw it, didn't realize it was there at first since at the time I usually didn't look at the forums at the top.
    18. User Name
      User Name
      Hikari's pretty much the person who gives EVERYONE their badges, from what I can tell, 'specially since Zeroality retired. We nominate, she gives out.
      I got mine from Zeroality before he retired.

      Oh, yeah, forgot to mention it's in the "Indigo Social" forum.
    19. User Name
      User Name
      Ya, Hikari did that :P
      Not sure if you can access the forum that has it, but basically there's a thread where you can nominate people for badges.
    20. User Name
      User Name
      Ya, someone. I can't do it, that's for sure. XD
    21. User Name
      User Name
      Update: Looks like you're set to go on a trial basis. Presumably, someone should get you into the council shortly, along with Sulcata.
    22. User Name
      User Name
      Heyhey, don't get TOO banhappy XD
      Deo-S in MonoPsychics, huh? Interesting idea.
    23. User Name
      User Name
      Was wondering who I could nominate for Side Metagames Council to see if we can make stuff happen in Monotype instead of just proposing changes and then having nothing happening :P
      Prob either you or Sulcata.
    24. User Name
      User Name
      Just wondering, how active are you on the Pokemon Online server? :O
    25. Daikenki.
      Thanks for uploading the battles on PS Replays,now I will take the credit XD
    26. Daikenki.
      What's your name on PS?
    27. Michael
      Hey -MMM- I've given you an extension until Wednesday to get your battle done.
      Hopefully you guys can work it out
      hey mang, we're opps for monoletter. I'm gmt -5, so I think sunday might work best for getting this done
    29. HSOWA
      I'm GMT +0, so timezones won't be a problem. I'll be on often this weekend, try PMing me on the server if you want to play.
    30. HSOWA
      Yo, when do you want to play for monoletter?
    31. ZoroDark
      MMM <3 I swear, your signature made me laugh more than in a while LOL <3
    32. #PR0|-MMM-
    33. Xclus|Mewmewzapdos
      >posting replies on your own wall
    34. New Breed
    35. #PR0|-MMM-
      You should ask an Admin here or post a complain, but I can't unban you. Sorry for that.
    36. antdog
      hey do u think u could help me get unbanned, a friend was on my pc and he got me banned
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