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Jul 7, 2012
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Mar 8, 2014
    1. User Name
      User Name
      If you can find out what proxy you're using, you should be able to disable it.
      Or, in other words, I don't know how to help you here. XP
      Maybe you could try using another proxy instead; Google will give you some. Otherwise, it's up to you to fix it.
    2. User Name
      User Name
      Proxies are basically like a "middleman" for internet connection. Not sure how to explain it exactly, but think of it like:
      Normally, websites tell the computer something, which then displays on your screen
      Under a proxy, websites tell the proxy something, which tells the computer something, which then displays on your screen.

      I generally only use proxies to get around internet blockers; sadly my school's net has already blocked most of the proxies anyways and I can't find a working one.
      If someone else has used the proxy you're currently using, and then got banned, that's probably why you can't post using your proxy.
    3. sulcata
      Ditto isn't really a check for two reasons. Darkrai's main coverage moves are Focus Blast and Dark Pulse, neither of which can sweep an opposing MonoDark due to lack of PP/Sableye and being a resisted type. No matter what it locks itself into, it won't be of any help. Flying might do okay with smart use of Xatu, but that dies to Dark Pulse anyway and if Darkrai subs up you can say goodbye to at least two Pokemon. Bug and Steel will obviously have an easy time against Darkrai due to Scizor's amazing priority and Genesect's speed with scarf. Ice can't do much back outside of Ice Shard and maybe a Scarf mon due to Focus Blast and Dark Pulse. Fighting has priority everywhere as well, including STAB mach punch (which actually will fail to KO a lot if it's not banded). While stall isn't easy in Monotype, it's not particularly unheard of and many users have had success with it. Adding Darkrai would simply destroy the play style in monotype and make it a full offensive tier.
    4. sulcata
      Darkrai is also an instant-no from me. If you've ever seen Breloom before, you'll realize how much more "Asleep" means "Dead" in Monotype. Due to the fast paced nature of Monotype, Pokemon will rarely get the chance to do anything once they're put to sleep. They can barely manage to get the required turns to wake-up before being forced out and having their sleep counter reset. After putting a Pokemon to sleep, it doesn't stop there. Darkrai can set up with Nasty Plot or just a Sub and then begin to sweep with an unbeatable speed. Behind a sub, its speed would only allow it to be revenged by Scarf or Priority. In that time it will be able to KO the other Pokemon and then outspeed the rest of the team. Getting perfect coverage from Dark Pulse and Focus Blast is also another testament to the overwhelming power it would have in the Monotype tier.

      (sorry for separating the posts if it looks like spam, the forums were telling me to shorten the message)
    5. sulcata
      Shaymin-S is a definite no. If it helps to see it from a different perspective, it's like Togekiss/Jirachi + the stats of a highly offensive sweeper. Hax on steroids basically. Monograss has very few good Pokemon which might make it okay, but Flying would be ridiculously OP with it if you've seen what Togekiss can do. Attempting to beat it would basically be crossing your fingers, and hoping you aren't flinched to death by scarf Air Slash. Nothing can wall it either due to Seed Flare getting the -2 SpDef drop as often as Air Slash, 60% of the time. Between Air Slash and Seed Flare, Shaymin-S also has Earth Power and a Hidden Power (probably HP Ice) of choice to round off its coverage. And that's assuming it isn't a subseed set which would be nearly unstoppable after it gets behind a sub. Shaymin-S also gets many chances to switch in with bulky 100/75/75 defenses and Grass-typing.
    6. sulcata
      Mandibuzz and Weavile might be worth adding when I get the time. Not too sure about ttar since it's another 4x Fighting weakness and Umbreon has no typing other than Dark that will help it defensively.
    7. User Name
      User Name
      Ah, proxy issues. Well, maybe if you switched proxies, I dunno.
      But yes, doing it through Slowkii will count as a joint contribution. Not sure if it really matters, though, it can't get much more obscure than this XD
      Alternatively, you could post it on the Wiki section of these here forums and get someone to upload it for you (Dzi did that for a while with NU analyses). There are other options available besides direct editing.
    8. Slowkii
      Oh yeah, and a Rock Polish Genesect has CHOICE and can outspeed all dem things. (Not sure about scarf latios tho)
    9. Slowkii
      It can destory monodragon through forcing switched etc. But yeah, it has its checks etc, you just listed most :P
    10. User Name
      User Name
    11. User Name
      User Name
      Eh, that's fine. As it seems, it looks like very little will be done by the deadline. Sad but true.
      So whatever you do, it'll be good. XD
    12. User Name
      User Name
    13. User Name
      User Name
      Yo, it's halfway through March, don't forget about the Monopoison. ;)
      You've got 2 weeks left.
    14. Luck>Skill
      Because of how the usage stats are collected, you can combine the usage of the 2 by yourself easily anyway
    15. User Name
      User Name
      While you're working on that, don't forget to put a small description for MonoPoison on the Monotype page! :)
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