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Sep 28, 2010
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May 6, 2020

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    1. ]V[X
      Hi, how about playing The weekend for pocl?
    2. Hclat
      hey, we're paired for Pocl. I'd prefer to play weeknights, gmt-4. when works for you?
    3. Teclis
      Hi, we have to play for POCL. I'm GMT+2 & in vacations so my avaibility times are a bit tricky. What are yours ?
    4. beiyingtest
      hi, paired for powc. I'm in gmt+8. I can play sunday 9 to 11am gmt+8, or sunday 9 to 10pm gmt+8?which time do you prefer?
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      2. beiyingtest
        Man I'm sorry that this 12 hours timezone difference makes playing during the week very hard plus I got exams. If you cannot do your Friday / Saturday night / Sunday morning, let's do your 9:30 - midnight EDT Sunday. (It's my Monday morning just saying...) I don't have better solutions for this.
        Apr 25, 2018
      3. Nails
        could you play my monday morning/your monday evening (around 10am for me 10pm for you)?
        Apr 25, 2018
      4. fsk
        Beiying's Monday morning works because it is ahead of the deadline due to GMT+8. Your Monday morning is after the deadline (deadline is Sunday midnight EDT). I don't know if this is allowed.
        Apr 25, 2018
    5. Sakis
      When do you want to play for POWC ?
    6. marcoasd
      We're paired... I'm GMT +2, find me on Old Gens/Smogtours.
    7. Hyper il Rosso
      Hyper il Rosso
      when you want battle for powc?
    8. La.Melle2402
      Hey, we are paired for powc. Im gmt +2. When can we battle?
    9. FAFUS
      Hi Nails,
      I apologize to not reply sooner, but I've been quite busy with college.
      I will be most of the weekend available and probably Saturday seems a pretty good day to play the games, Friday (night) can also work for me. I am on GMT+2 and mainly on nights (21.00-01.00(?)). If you have Skype, feel free to add me. I think it's easier to schedule there. -> meyerhofer19
      1. Nails
        added you on skype, talk there imo
        Apr 7, 2016
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