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Sep 28, 2010
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Feb 29, 2020
    1. Fabian
      LMFAO guess what nikitas plays for me this week because im always getting haxed, vuvu said xd also we need to talk some more, cant see you on PO often D= hope youre fine though a.a
    2. Fabian
      yup you most likely find me on my main alt Fabian. :] and also if you'll be busy we can just play on saturday, ill be free that day so itd be all fine
    3. Fabian
      ah i see, seems fine for me
      do you think that thursday or saturday 2-3 pm would work? 2 pm is 9 pm my time so im most likely free then '-' (same with 3 pm)
    4. Fabian
      yo we have to play for pocl this week, when are you usually available?'-' i'm gmt+2 and basically most days should work for me
    5. Johnidel
      Idk friday or saturday around 8 work?
    6. Johnidel
      Need to battle you for POCL. I'm on the east coast, lemme know your time zone and we can get this done e z
    7. Finchinator
      can you make it on now and play
      or should i sub?
      The other team told me I have to sub else they'll get really ticked and the don't want / cannot afford dead games
      I have a good DPP player online to sub if you cannot make it...

      Edit: You're off forums so I guess you didn't see this
      Sorry but I gotta cooperate with the other team, gotta sub
    8. Finchinator
      You ok with starting HGSS next week?
      Come the followin rounds, I'll try getting you in at BW
    9. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Stone :] I'd like to speak to you bby
    10. Clarion
      Stone_Cold, get on to the PO Server, now.
    11. jasonpwn
      hey get on i'll play you a few times with your team
    12. mibuchiha
      All on you now bro. Good luck, let's get it. Bring us that tiebreaker.
    13. Clarion
      By the way, before I forget, please pay the #Team SEA channel a visit, as I am always found there. Also, I'm hiding under various alts, though, so you can ask my fellow Asians there. Again, best of luck!
    14. Clarion
      Okay. I'll be free on the following schedules, given all of them are in GMT +8 specs:

      MWF - 10:00 pm onward
      TTh - 5:30 pm onward
      Sat - 6:00 pm onward
      Sun - Any time, unless choral engagements

      Best of luck! :)
    15. Clarion
      Hey, Stone_Cold! I'm your DPP OU opponent in the Pokemon Online Champions League Finals. Let me know your availability as soon as possible, as I might have time issues because of school and choral rehearsals.

      Take my timezone GMT +8 into consideration. Thank you very much!
    16. mibuchiha
      So like, finals, donk whoever it is.
    17. Nexus
      We got the finals to wreck. Also are you available for the finals? Can you please make arrangements
    18. Porengan
      Hey, when do you can battle for the NPL?
      My timezone is GMT+1, what are your times?
    19. RUCKUS
      ugh the charge beam hydreigon jokes will never die will they XD
    20. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Haha, thought so. Long time no see, ol' buddy. :D
    21. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate

      Same Stone_Cold who was on Marriland and CAL for a short while?
    22. Johnidel
      Im est as well.
    23. Johnidel
      I'm battling you for POCL. Pick a time and place. I will be there 3 out of 10 times
    24. Kland
      you there pm me on po
    25. Robert-
      sorry i was a little bit busy at school. what about after saturday's smogon tour?
    26. Kumiho
      Great win. :v
    27. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Yeah I can. Come to Groudons Grotto. I'm -NRFM-. If it's down, the main server.
    28. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Anywhere between 6-8 PM GMT+1. PO2. What time is that for you?
    29. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Yo you're my opponent for week 1 of the POCL, so when do you wanna play?
    30. ALLALA
      O HAI
      my timezone is +1 GMT
      Tell me when u are on the serve
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