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Jul 11, 2012
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Sep 9, 2016
    1. Real FV13
      Real FV13
      u are bunnelby right? paired for week 7 of pocl, i'm gmt+2, u can play for example wednesday at 23:00?
    2. Teddeh
      Paired for week 5 bud of pocl! gmt +1, free anytime between thursday to saturday, not available sunday however. Lemme know when you're available
    3. Teddeh
      Paired for week 5 bud of pocl! gmt +1, free anytime between thursday to saturday, not available sunday however. Lemme know when you're available
    4. scorpdestroyer
      hi Hollywood we play for pocl. GMT+8 here
      1. scorpdestroyer
        uh any news?
        Sep 9, 2015
    5. East's Mascot
      East's Mascot
      Sup G, we're matched up for week 3 of pockle. My timezone is EST, I'll be fairly active until monday so we should probably try and get it done before then. Sunday is ideal for me, what about you?
    6. Aurist
      abore delameo :D
      1. tennisace
        Aug 10, 2015
    7. Radli
      We are opponents for POT. When would you like to play? I am GMT+3.
    8. Blitzamirin
      Awful member ban please
      1. tennisace
        reported, enjoy your ban
        May 29, 2014
      2. Blitzamirin
        w0w bitch
        May 30, 2014
    9. Blitzamirin
      I knew that haha. That was just ugh.
    10. Blitzamirin
    11. Blitzamirin
    12. Halsey
      Thanks for the Info.

      If you are wondering why he asked you to do that, is because he wants to trade you.
    13. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Hey man, we're playing for POCL, GMT/when is best for you?

      (I'm gmt -4)
    14. Dzi
      Hey, I'm your opponent in POCL R2. I'm free from monday-friday from 5 pm to 11 pm, and pretty much the whole day every weekend. (GMT+8) Reply asap. Goodluck!!
    15. TheHitman
      ah sounds good, I'll be on for sure tomorrow afternoon. see you them
    16. TheHitman
      hey we need to get this done in the next two days. I have seen you on PO, so I feel like we should be able to get it done. we have until 7 PM on sunday. I'll be on the PO server tonight (TheHitman) from like 9-12 and then tommorow from like 3 PM onwards, so I'll look for you then.
    17. TheHitman
      ah alright, I will be on periodically tommorow/Friday. see you then
    18. TheHitman
      hey, we are matched up this week for POCL. when are you free to battle? I'm GMT -5 and am free most nights, other than that I'm kinda busy, but can be flexible. Just let me know what works for you. Ciao
    19. Great Sage
      Great Sage
      write me essay about calculus
    20. Great Sage
      Great Sage
      pls tel zeb to answer his email
    21. Great Sage
      Great Sage
      r u treecko
    22. Rehx
      Sorry bout that. Was feeling like jokin around and all.
    23. Rehx
      ~The Bell tolls...It is not yet your time, the Reaper releases you from his grip~
      Sup Treecko37? :D
    24. Altaria
      bro do u hav skype xo
    25. Altaria
      No. It's true, beautiful love.

      Don't add Jiggles. She's not worthy of being your friend. <3
    26. Jiggles
      bs why am i not your friend
    27. Altaria
      I naturally develop a strong sexual attraction to psychopathic serial killers such as Light/Raito and Tate himself.
    28. Altaria
      I like him because he's creepy and pale and shit, and also because the way he killed them was hot.
    29. Altaria
      (11:13:11) sceptileraikou: Brunch is an excuse to have bacon for lunch
    30. Altaria
      Tate is amazingly hot.
    31. Altaria
      Viol/ate for best ship ever <3 I have Tate as my iPhone wallpaper.
    32. Altaria
      #grammar nazi

      and yes :3 how did you know <3
    33. Altaria
      btw it should be 'i have always wanted to join team rocket..." :3
    34. Altaria
      Bob flash
    35. BebbZ
      And Stunfisk is my favorite Pokemon. I get angry when anyone calls him Derpfisk because HE IS CUTE.
      People just don't get that Stunfisk is the greatest.
    36. Micaiah
      Treecko37 Flash
    37. Altaria
    38. Altaria
      celestia is best pony
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