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Hey Day
Jul 13, 2012
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Feb 9, 2014

Hey Day

Argumentum ad ignorantium

    1. Mac Da Master (macrarazy)
      Mac Da Master (macrarazy)
      Why no RIP Sebastian Hummel in Sig? Awww... I feel for Seb. now...
    2. Fegelein
      This guy, this guy sucks.
    3. DSM01
      We're opponents for the Growing Into Giants tour, I'm GMT -7 and am available at most times of the day (though I'd prefer to battle in the afternoon my time if possible). I'm not on the server much so it would be best if you picked a time and we met then.
    4. Fegelein
      (23:54:03) *** Scizor clutches Espeon

      for out of context
    5. citro
      wow your avatar looks really terrible without the santa hat
    6. Altaria
    7. braveswin11
      Human, you're supposed to be posting on my wall .-. I don't get notification if you post it on your own wall ;-; HUMAN HUMAN and DEFINITELY NOT HD
    8. Hey Day
      Hey Day
      Umlauts are the best.

      Don't you be hatin'
    9. braveswin11

      umlauts suck ect.
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    Come play Real Time Mafia with us at #RTM!

    (15:32:59) Human Destroyer: Basically it works cause sight overrides revealass
    (15:46) Roy Mustang: I am pooping
    (15:46) Roy Mustang: does that
    (15:46) Roy Mustang: make you happy

    (16:50:59) Human Destroyer: Hey Day
    (16:50:59) Atomsk: is a hard working member of society. He is not scum at all, so you should follow his lead 100% of the time.

    RIP Roy Mustang never forget
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