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Carpe Diem
Jul 14, 2012
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Sep 21, 2014
    1. Raducan
      Hi I'm your XY Ubers tutor for this round. I'm at GMT -7, I'm mostly on during evenings on weekdays and all day weekends. Let me know what times work for you!
    2. Edgar
      I am your XY Ubers tutor for this round, my timezone is GMT-7, go to po main channel "edgar's school" :] I'm an normally on from 3 pm my time.
    3. puregenius
      The tutoring round is almost over so would u like to schedule another lesson?
    4. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      Yea, I can do around that time. Just not sure when I'll be eating though, so sorry if I'm a little late/have to leave half way through.
    5. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      Unfortunately, I'll be at school at 3pm. Would it be possible if there were other times you could do? I've put #IMP on auto-join now.
    6. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      Yea, those alts are... just a little more active. When're you available, and which channels are you usually on?
    7. puregenius
      u wanna set a date?

      if not just set the channel 'genius' on auto join and ill tutor u whenever im on
    8. Weavile
      Well I'll be. I actually got one. Hmm, whenever is good for you really. I don't have much going on atm.
    9. The Dark Master
      The Dark Master
      Hi! I'm GMT ±0, and stay in #Tournaments or #Danger INC. if you want to find me. I'm not on as much on weekdays due to school, but I'm active in the evenings. "The Dark Master" is the only alt I use much really. Which alts do you use?
      (19:01:14) ±QueryBot: NRFMatt was last seen: Mon Sep 03 2012
    10. puregenius
    11. puregenius
      I'm free most days from 1pm - 12am gmt +10
    12. Halsey
      Pick your tutees.
    13. Nexus
      I was on as Nexus :x I was in Tournaments and Xclusive and not on tohjo. Maybe you searched on tohjo?
    14. Nexus
      yeah I am
    15. Nexus
      Alright let's go
    16. Fabian
    17. Nexus
      Yeah works for me
    18. Nexus
      How about the same time saturday? I got my hands full on weekdays :x
    19. Nikitas
      u were watching my matches and i kept askin u who u r but u werent replying
    20. Nikitas
      hey bro, sorry about yesterday, had completely forgotten who u are :S apologies
    21. Nexus
      Sure man and yeah Gotta love death note <3
    22. Fabian
      . . . . . .
    23. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
    24. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      I'm GMT-5. I would prefer to battle on Sunday, but I am available on other days as well. I will not be available at all on Saturday, however.
    25. VuvuzelaΒzz
      I won't be able to log into PO till sunday. VM Aurist about it.
    26. Nexus
      yeah my Internet failed and had to go. Do you have that log?
    27. Nexus
      Sure I'll be free on the weekends. Let's meet up
    28. viamage
      there's going to be an hour and 30 minute window today between GMT 7:15 and 8:45 that I can get on. that would me ideal if you're focusing on having it soon, otherwise...
    29. Nexus
      Let's start now then
    30. Pavak
      why dont u come to Phoenix u just come to IMP and dont respond to my pm's as well.

      Im on the alt [MVP]Jay~Style
    31. viamage
      So as luck would have it i can make it saturday at your prescribed time sensei, hope to see you there
    32. viamage
      That is a very good question. I'm GMT -6 so the question i would pose for you is how late at nights are you available, and are you available during the day? I generally never get home before 730 PM Mon-Sat. and I leave for work at 730 AM (130 to 130 for you). Sunday i'm unavailable 1030 from 330PM for church. I have a pretty great constitution, so if you can train in the morning I can stay up late, otherwise it's pretty much Sunday from where I'm looking at though.
    33. Jedgi
      My control panel says you haven't been on since over a week ago? Try getting on the server when you can, I'm on a fair amount.
    34. Jedgi
      What time zone are you?
    35. VuvuzelaΒzz
      New week's up. Get on the server, contact your opponent(Jedgi), etc. <(•θ•)>
    36. Michael
      Hey, I'm your opponent for the POCL in DP OU. I'm GMT -4; when would you like to play?
      Thanks, Michael.
    37. Pavak
    38. Pavak
      yo sup NRFM its me [TeamNeo]Pavakokk
    39. Stone_Cold22
      nvm groudons is down, ill just hop on the main server.
    40. Stone_Cold22
      sorry got this late. im available all day. ill hop on groudons for if you decide you wanna play.
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