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Morning Sun
Jul 21, 2012
Likes Received:
    1. Tyki
      where have you been? I miss talking to you :X
    2. Nexus
      That'd be a tad late but I'll still try. I still prefer 10 AM your time. Or yeah we can meet each other on the server
    3. Nexus
      Hi we really need to arrange a time this weekend. How does Saturday at 10 AM your time and 10:30 PM my time work?
    4. topah
      im not on much on the weekends~

      but ill be on every weekday from 4pm-5pm est so just pm me ingame at anytime ~ :3

      and yes ill be on topah
    5. topah
      hey I'm your opponent in the tour
      when u wanna go bro so i can don you!
    6. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      I want to find out who's really interested in joining the Fantasy Basketball League, so I'm sending this to all the signups. PM me your email address if you think you'll be active for the 18-23 weeks of the NBA regular season and want to join.
    7. - Yuno -
      - Yuno -
      get on po ahhhhhhhhhh
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    Morning Sun


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