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Sep 30, 2010
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Apr 13, 2021 at 1:42 PM

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    1. xImRaptor
      POWC, cuando quieres jugar? soy gmt-3 y estoy disponible los días de semana a las 11am-12pm y luego a las 7pm, el finde puedo en cualquier momento
    2. snøfall
      Hi we gotta play for powc. Im gmt+2 best for me would be friday evening or saturday /sunday before stours. Lmk what works for you
    3. Astamatitos
      Hey, we are matched for powc. I can do this on Friday and Saturday, Sunday might be a bit tough as its greek easter, perhaps late night Sunday would be fine too. Let me know of your timings.
    4. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      hey dude, when do you wanna play for powc
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      2. champagne papi
        champagne papi
        can we play at like 7:30 pm your time? that'd be the best for me!
        Apr 2, 2016
      3. Colchonero
        Yea sure, btw i will finally be able to play at night between lest say 11 pm and 2 am my time if you prefer it
        Apr 3, 2016
      4. champagne papi
        champagne papi
        alright that works too. I'm on smogtours right now btw
        Apr 3, 2016
    5. Conflict
      when powc?
      1. Laurel likes this.
    6. autumn leaves
      autumn leaves
      when do you wanna battle for powc
    7. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Just realised when I checked my schedule, I am free in the mornings on weekdays, so I would prefer our match to be in the morning for me.
    8. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi, we are opps for pcwc finals. I'm +8GMT, and I am on usually in the afternoons or nights, it really shouldn't be difficult to find me. I'm usually on as DracoNinja, Victini or Remilia Scarlet. Neutral luck to both of us.
    9. TGW
      Buenas tio. Podéis hacer los cambios que queráis sin problema. Notificarlos en el post y ya me vale.

      Un saludo! Suerte!
    10. Fille
      Hello, my opponent for PCWC this week (CS4m, wifi UU) does not have a forum account as far as I can see, but if you could give him the following message I'd be really glad:

      I'm GMT +1, usually online from 3PM GMT-8PM GMT. I go by alts including Fille and a [Hero] clantag! I will be gone during the week-end, so please tell me when you can play. I'm also never in #Tohjo Falls, but will auto-join your channel :]
    11. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Play when you feel comfortable playing. This is finals, it'd be stupid to just rush in unprepared. You'd have to be insanely inactive to get forcibly subbed out, so just prepare as much as you feel you need to and then arrange a time.
    12. Serene
      im on now
    13. Serene
      ill try to be on all day tomorrow, myzozoa on irc and smogon forums, im gmt-8 so ill try to get on around 10am my time and be on until 1- 3 pm. let me know if you want to set a specific time.
    14. Zidane_Triple-H
      you can join SE channel and find me ... Zidane_Triple-H.... if u do PM me
    15. Zidane_Triple-H
      So what time can you play and which day please inform us.. we are GMT +8
    16. Hill
      We can do this today then, or even tomorrow about 5 pm of your timezone
    17. Hill
      Hey, we need to play this week for pocl. When is it best for you?
    18. Vinc2612
      Can we play tomorrow/Saturday/Sunday 8pm? Best times for me
    19. Kumiho
      Hi I GMT -5 Eastern standard time i can play from mornin to night and just PM Me when u and i are on server and we can fite if im ready
    20. Maxedofhaxed
      we're opponents for pocl, i subbed in for joga, what times will you be online today?
    21. ●Møhican
      im still online ._.
    22. ●Møhican
      If you are on around this time, gimme a heads up, im online for abit so yeah
    23. ●Møhican
      Hi! My time online fluctuates but i am usually on at night which is pretty bad for scheduling our match since i am gmt +12 . perhaps we can battle tomorrow? I will haveto be up 5am - 7am because that is like 7pm - 9pm for you. If that doesnt work out then ill try be on 10am - 12pm which is from midnight to 2 am for you and hope youre online. Cheers
    24. Hill
      hi, we need to battle for the POWC semis, I'm on GMT -3 timezone and usually hang out on #baril channel @ synirc. Any special day is better for you?
    25. Kumiho
      Hi, we're opponents in POWC. My timezone is GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time) and I am available from 4:00 PM-8:00 PM on weekdays and all day during the weekend. My nickname is Chromium on PO, and it's the only alt I ever go on. I'm sure we'll see each other sometime.
    26. Laurel
      Friday I am in school at that time, Saturday I am busy all day I have SATs in the morning then Prom in the afternoon, I will only be available on Sunday after 11 AM GMT -5 on Sunday.
    27. Laurel
      Is there a battle way to contact you than PO VMs you obviously don't check these often :/
    28. Laurel
      When can u battle? Im not available at all Saturday.
    29. viamage
      contrary to what my team says about me, i am actually gmt -6(i believe). so that being said. i can do evenings after 9 to pretty much whenever you want right now. Saturday I'm virtually open all day unless stuff happens. On Sunday i do have church from 1 pm to 5 pm and might have to go do other church stuff then, so if you're banking on Sunday don't be upset when i don't show up all day

      I'll meet you halfway on the time but that's what i got so far.
    30. carlo.
      great. i prefer nbs, but i'll be online both on atq and po main server. see you tomorrow
    31. carlo.
      hey! saturday works good for me as well. i should be at home tomorrow (friday) in the late afternoon and saturday after 5pm. if you prefer to play earlier on saturday it's no problem, i just have to know so i can come back home. what do you think about playing on saturday at 5pm? see you!
    32. Jørgen
      How's 9pm Saturday GMT +1 (4pm for me) sound? I will not be able to battle on Friday until very late your time.
    33. Jørgen
      Hihi we gotta play GSC at some point for POWC. When ya wanna do it? I'm down for pretty much whenever during the weekend. If you need to play earlier, though, get back to me pronto so we can set up a time.
    34. Meteor64
      I'll make sure to be on both those times :)
    35. CALLOUS
      That's fine, real life comes first. Let me know a day and time you want to play.
    36. CALLOUS
      Got your message. I don't HAVE to wait to play til the weekend but I can certainly do that. You said you're looking at 5-6PM your time, and we've got a 7 hour difference, so it's not too unreasonable from my end. I can play at 10 or 11 in the morning without problems. Just let me know what days you're available and I'll get back to you asap. Looking forward to the match! =)
    37. CALLOUS

      You and I for POCL this week.

      I'm GMT -5. Please let me know when you want to play.
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