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Jul 29, 2012
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Nov 30, 2012
    1. Sir
      ideas i had when you were away
      CB Rhydon- switches in on Aero / Snorlax / and HP LESS Zapdos. Hits really hard
      Moltres- good but requires a good amount of support
      Double Dragon Offense feat Dragonite- Dragonite can survive unSTABed Ice Beams and hits hard
      Gyarados- good and underused atm. need a skarm lure/magneton
      Entei: idk it's cool

      i wont be on so pm me if u catch me
    2. Sir
      i wont be around so you can pm me your ideas here or on smogon if you're there too
    3. Fabian
      Hai, i iz in Peking/ beijing ~
    4. Fabian
      Ok :cccc
      Missin you '.' baibai ;-;
    5. Fabian
      Ill fly in like 8 hours :c ill sleep during all the hours, ill Most likely be there at 7 am tommorow (GMT+7 or so >: )
      Anywayz since my gf ist Here yet you have to Talk to me, plzplzplzplz~
    6. Fabian
      <3 i iz on ma iPad rirght now, goin to China tommorow ~
    7. Kumiho
      Hi. Remember me? :>
    8. Dasdardly
      Glad to see you finally joined the forums :3. Gratz~.
    9. Xdevo
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