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Aug 4, 2012
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    1. DracoNova
      apologies if i placed you in the round robin tournament, do you want to be removed?
    2. Solace
      It's the Druid icon from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones.
    3. Praixie
      minor change:
      priest has angelus command(protect and safeguard) for 2 people
      monk can only protect one person but still have one time daykill
      alchemist has -98 vote

      btw, i've seen the wiki page. You did well, thx.
    4. Praixie
    5. Praixie
      thief - choose the path of poison vigi (assassin) or the power of information (rogue). Rogue's stalk +hax is useful in finding the enemy and Assassins poisons + hax can also be good if you are pro at hitting players. both have evasion but assassin have higher rate.
      Swordsman - if there's a BG, go Knight and kill if baphomet and randgris is not around. You can go crusader if you wanna hide your identity.

      For baddies - remember to change by N2. Remember that you can do your action and convert at one night. Some people says that they don't want to convert because they should kill this night but both actions can be done at same night. Remember to fake claim as well. There are millers(poring and poporing).

      for general tactics, i think it's the same for all themes. Connect prs, vote out baddies etc
    6. Praixie
      Here are some tips for roles:
      Novices - shouldn't forget to change each night. That 5% will still work. Don't forget the claims because once you converted, you should pm them as well.
      Mages - should actually claim N1 at small games where bapho jr. isn't there. Mages are afraid to claim because of Valkyrie but only Valk randgris (valk's conversion) can pierce protect. Of course he should try connect and prs and find the Valk b4 the 3rd night wherein he could be attacked by the valkyrie. Don't claim if the village has a ninja coz the ninja will do the work of connecting everyone.
      Acolytes - I will change what priest and monk do so i will add a tip about aco's later
      Archer - your choice of conversion either bard or hunte but remember hunter has lower prio than monsters
      Merchant - actually, if the mage didn't claim you could be the one claiming and connect. as of now alchemist can't help that much so i'm thinking of buffing alche too.
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