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Sep 30, 2010
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Sep 10, 2014

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I'm a joker,, Male, from CT

    1. El Sousu Que
      El Sousu Que
      I don't know what time zone you are, but I'll be on periodically for the rest of the night

      Just send me a pm in-game, same name as this, I'll be in the Team Showdown and Tours channels.
    2. Chase
      I'm at the seaside with a shaky connection atm, I can battle from tomorrow evening, cya
    3. El Sousu Que
      El Sousu Que
      Hey, we have to play for the Team Showdown. I'm pretty flexible in my times, so just give me a good time for you and we can go from there.
    4. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hey, I registered our team as The New York Mankeys, sorry I couldn't think of anything else. I said it would change though, so just confirm it whenever you can. Sorry to bother you, thanks. See ya.
    5. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      We got a team! (You, me, Sinichi). We just need a name now.
    6. Eternal
    7. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Cool, who were you thinking for the UU position? I'll shoot them a message. As I said in my previous message, the names that stuck out in my mind were Sinichi and DarkDigglet. So I will send a message to whichever one, or any other you see, asking them to be on our team. Also, if you have any ideas for the name, that would be sick.
    8. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hi, I was just wondering if you would like to be on a team together for The Team Showdown. I would be the OU player, feel free to say no. In terms of the UU player, if you were to except, the best left looks to be Sinichi or DarkDiglett. Once again, feel free to say no, but I hope we can work together. Thank you.
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    February 9
    Favourite Pokémon:
    not treecko


    (01:24:21) tails 9: treko #1

    (23:20) TheGunner: R u a girl?
    (23:20) Bella: no
    (23:21) TheGunner: Wow. Good impersonation.(though im disappointed youre not a girl.)
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