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Sep 7, 2012
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Mar 27, 2016

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Suns Out Guns Out, from Canada

    1. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Hey cap, how's it going
    2. Fille
      Hey we're opponents for the TBT thing, so ye. I'm GMT +1, usually online between 3PM-8PM GMT. Usually go by alts including Fille and [Hero].
    3. Cameltoed
      Ok friday is fine for me. I'm gmt +2 atm and I can play from 3pm to 6 and from 9pm to 1am my time. Tell me if you can play around these times, if not I'll try to be available at another time

      edit: on friday i can play till midnight my time, i forgot there's smogon tour bw x)
    4. Cameltoed
      Yo Captain

      I'm in busy week regarding pokèmon, I'd like to play on Tuesday/Wednesday if you can, tell me your timezone and we can make it done.

    5. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Seems my team was a bunch of athiests :]
    6. Finchinator
    7. Nikitas
      I prefer to not battle too late but I think it should be fine. Sunday it is then. No problem about that, happens.
    8. Nikitas
      Saturday I can play anytime between 15.00-22.00 gmt+3, Sunday anytime between 18.00-00.00 gmt+3.
    9. ZoroDark
      Sounds like that would work :)
    10. ZoroDark
      Hey man, I thought I'd see you on server, but somehow we keep missing each other. Anyway, I'm GMT -5 and I think the best time for us to fite would be between 7-8 pm my time some day? I'm literally always on between 9-11am too.
    11. Finchinator
      You should arrange a time to fight with ZoroDark for my tour, soon.
    12. Nikitas
      I hope I can contact you again tommorow for an exact hour since I cannot predict what time I will wake up since today was messy.
    13. Nikitas
      hey bro, im gmt+3. Please give me your availability times and I will figure smth out since I have much free time ;)
    14. Alexander.
      no problem bro, see you later
    15. Alexander.
      it works with me :]
    16. Alexander.
      hey, we're paired in pocl. im gmt +2 as you probably already know and im often available so just tell me when you want to play. see ya
    17. noname4505
      Hey we play for pick your poison tour. Let me know when you are available to play. I'm GMT -5
    18. Incon
      Yo! We play for Pick your Poison tour. I will be away this weekend but will be active starting sunday night. Im gmt -4. I will send in my numbers right now.
    19. Finchinator
      Congrats on Wcop trophy, badge, metal..thing!
      You deserves it!
    20. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      come to #baril on irc when you get on, or tell Texas to come and PM me there.
    21. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      hi, when can we play for finals? if possible, i would like to get this done ASAP, cause im on exams week. :/ see ya.
    22. uso
      heyyy :3
    23. meeps
      when fite poison tour
    24. Alexander.
      hey bro, we need to do a bw match for powc. when's good for you? i'm gmt +1, let me know when you can play.
    25. dragonuser
      Hi we must fight, I'm EST, when are you free?
    26. CyberOdin
      Hi brother, it's okay if we play our match on Saturday?
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