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Arctic Eclipse
Apr 25, 2010
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May 13, 2015

Arctic Eclipse

Stay Winning, Male, 23, from New Mexico

    1. Samphire
      You need to get your team in for the All Natural Cup so we can battle. Deadline is the 28th!
    2. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      We're opponents in POT Round 2, let me know when you're free for a battle.
    3. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Well, we are opponents in dp ou with a view tour...VM me back if you'll see this, coz too lazy to tell about my online times right now...
    4. Robert-
      Do you still want to join? If yes contact me asap to make some battles.
    5. kevin12640
      Blue is the best!Nice choice!
    6. Pokel'
      I can only play for the next 3 hours. If you go online please PM me.

      It is now 7 PM GMT + 1
    7. Pokel'
      Hi, we're opponents for the Choice tour. Can we battle this week-end? If not it'll have to be the week-end after, cause I'm off on a school trip this Sunday morning. Can it be tomorrow or Saturday?
    8. Robert-
      hey man are you mexican right? If you are, I need your help. This year will be a new Hispanic Cup. And this year I would be the Mexican Captain. The tiers would be RBY. GSC. ADV, DPP and 3 BW, probably. And I want to know if you play any of those tiers and If you want to enter to the PreTeam. When all the people I asked for, accepted or denied the invitation, I would make like a little tournament to choose the best player and the substitutes. The touirnament would be in February and the main team would be 7 people and 3 subtitutes. Probably the tournamet may change to Full BW OU like the smogon world cup or probable not it depends on the others captains, too.
    9. Django
      I think were gonna stick with the other guy, but thanks for being around anyway
    10. Mattstah
      You need to finish your battle for the Generations Collide tour, deadline is in two days.
    11. NightShift
      imma be a bit less active until the weekends just sayin'
    12. the kyle
      the kyle
      hey you want to play onw?
    13. the kyle
      the kyle
      Hi, we are opponentes by LC Tour, my GMT is -3 and you can find me normally during 00h~05 in my GMT, especially in Smogon University.
      I come on PO Beta server in some random times.
    14. Eternal
      Hey, your battle was approved. You can start the narration. You must narrate it in 'Normal' speed on the replay viewer.
    15. Burnin'Red
      DPP OU: Burnin'Red vs Arctic Eclipse
      Heya, opponents for the reserve team in champions league.
    16. Django
      lol well cool '-'
    17. Django
      good work. Anyway, this Sunday our DPP player (Tomahawk9) comes back from holiday and the deadline is the next day. If it turns out he can't play then you would be subbing. Would it be ok if you just hung around on Sunday/Monday just in case he can't?
    18. CDazzle
      Hey, we are supposed to play for the Champions League Reserves in DPP OU. I'm gonna be on for the next like 6 hours (I'll just leave PO up on my PC) so whenever you can just send me a challenge.
    19. smbcha (Derwin)
      smbcha (Derwin)
      Are you still here for the Battle Editing Team? I haven't seen you anywhere and you said you would be editing videos.
    20. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      About being on the team, I'm going to be holding tryouts in the channel "Barcelona Blaziken" on the PO server. You can come by and talk to either me or Ginku (my assistant manager) about trying out for any teams you're interested in playing in. Good luck!
    21. Weavile
      Not as far as I am aware. Why?
    22. Weavile
      Cuz you asked. My friend who goes by "Amethystic" on PO
    23. mibuchiha
      lolk. flash me when you come, I'll be online for 1 - 3 hours.
    24. mibuchiha
    25. monferno
      okay, I invited JRJuggernaut
    26. monferno
      sure, sounds great. You mentioned uu twice though, i assume you meant ou for me?
    27. Angry Beaver
      Angry Beaver
      My timezone is GMT -4. Are u dark abyss on the server or do u go by a different name?
    28. Insanity_yuno'
    29. Angry Beaver
      Angry Beaver
      hi im your next opponent for the pokemon online tournament. VM me back to discuss a time u would wish to battle. Thanx
    30. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      When you enter a battle as a spectator, any other spectators watching it are all listed in green as you enter.
      My comment was just to cover any other bases.
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    Apr 30, 1996 (Age: 23)
    New Mexico


    Go to #Get It Channel on PO for fun times!
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    ±Porygon: Your rank in Dream World is 121/50167 [1445 points / 77 battles]!
    Wifi OU Arctic Eclipse
    ±Porygon: Your rank in Wifi OU is 91/68432 [1451 points / 80 battles]!
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