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Spoovo The Pirate
Sep 29, 2012
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Aug 5, 2017

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Spoovo The Pirate

Meep!, 31, from The land where men wear skirts

Article Contributor
    1. Joyverse
      Lol wtf you are 27? Happy New Year Espoovo! Don't grow any older!!
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Yup. Unfortunately, I am that old. Wish I could lose 10-12 years and stay there, tbh. xD
        Dec 31, 2016
    2. Joyverse
      Next time you make a thread on the Articles (not Review), don't add a tag. It's look bad on the front page.
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      2. Pokeman Online
        Pokeman Online
        is you new?
        Nov 19, 2016
      3. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Nope. You appear to be though. Can I help in some way?
        Nov 19, 2016
      4. Pokeman Online
        Pokeman Online
        Why yes i am new on a different account,thanks for bein generous dude but naw i dont need assistance,have a nice Day.
        Nov 19, 2016
    3. Joyverse
      After you are done reading my latest post in Scald. I think that Empoleon could probably be mentioned under Tentacruel in place of under Keldeo imo cuz it happens to be a defogger. Then maybe even Pelipper could probably get a mention under Tenta.
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Fair point. I could mention it in both categories, seeing as it happens to pack a punch too.
        Nov 16, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        Offensive Defog Empoleon is a thing in UU LOL!
        Nov 16, 2016
      3. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Yup. That's more or less what I was getting at.
        Nov 16, 2016
    4. Joyverse
      Also yeah, Water Compaction doesn't make you immune. AO is right. Cri :c
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Yeah, I've recently learned. Tis a real shame, huh?
        Nov 15, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        Very :c
        Nov 15, 2016
    5. Zoroark
      1. Joyverse and Spoovo The Pirate like this.
      2. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Meep indeed!
        Nov 7, 2016
    6. Joyverse
      BTW, you can ask a server admin to resetpass on your old alt you know? You can then add a new password to Spoovo the Pirate.
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Ehh, it doesn't matter enough for me to bother with that. I reckon I'll be just fine laddering with alts on there.

        By the way, what's considered a 'decent' rating on PO? I've never actually known that one.
        Nov 2, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        1350 or 1450+
        Nov 2, 2016
      3. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Ahh, that's fair enough. So it does run on a different scale to Showdown. Thought so. *nods*
        Nov 2, 2016
    7. Joyverse
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        I know, I read the rules. I just figured, seeing as it was an unofficial thing, that it wouldn't hurt. Some people like to see, for a sense of perspective. Make sense?

        I am sorry for just randomly posting it, but the sooner it got out the better imo.

        Also, was the pun satisfactory?
        Nov 1, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        Oh figures.
        Pun or none, I would lay stress on different kinda titles. Be it a pun or not, the title tho is cool. Though what I didn't that people won't stop using scald so why would you put in on a vacation? xd
        Nov 1, 2016
    8. Joyverse
      btw fam,volcan does have sludge wave js
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Oh, I know. It's just more or less inferior to Sludge Bomb due to Sludge Bomb's far superior poisoning rate. At least imo.
        Oct 25, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        you brought bk an age old argument lol. I am on the opposing side to power through with higher rolls rather than crippling with poison. Besides sludge wave powers thru fairies much better, azu better off burnt etc etc.
        Oct 25, 2016
    9. Joyverse
      100 speed evs get jolly megachomp :x sorry and just clarifying xd
      Nix out Hone claws, sux on tflame.
    10. Joyverse
      I meant "people probably don't use bulky volcanion to check it.".
    11. Joyverse
      Fuck char limits in 2g phuns. >_>
      Chomp's analysis doesn't mention MMeta even once in the C&C section. Meta basically earns a free turn versus outrage/edge locked/dragon locked mon and could proceed to ko with ice punch. And it rkills cuz 110 speed.
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Megagross makes sense. I'll get him added in.
        Aug 8, 2016
      2. Joyverse
        Heck, even max speed Kyu-B poses a problem to mega. Hippo and Sab happen to counter certain variants and check the others. Would elaborate later unless you beat me to it lol!
        Aug 9, 2016
    12. Joyverse
      And oh, Magnezone deserves a mention too make sure you edit that in the C&C section. Too lazy to edit my post again cuz very hard via 2G Phun.
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Sure thing, I'll get that mentioned. Surprised I didn't have it in there already, tbh. Must've forgotten. *shrug*

        Thanks Joy.
        Aug 7, 2016
    13. Joyverse
      Imma draw that Banana like one of my french girls.
      1. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        You do that. *thumbs up*
        Apr 25, 2015
    14. Epikhairz
      sorry buddy analysis has to be fully written up first :(

      also hai :]

      Edit - I'm stupid and see they have already been written up. Make sure you make a post in your OU threads saying so and change the tag to [Grammar], and I will unlock your UU stuff :)
    15. Virizion
      Want me to start helping with Gen 6 Analyses? I got quite a lot of time on me this week so I can start on the XY UU ones if you wish. :)
    16. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      I liked the fourth episode best, lol Yui is such a klutz. I'll probably watch Clannad when I'm done with work.
    17. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      I liked that anime =)))))
    18. Yagura
      Like your avatar c:
    19. Angel Flonne
    20. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      your avvy has gulpin+swalot
      also goomy
    21. Finchinator
      Larpas has a niche, believe it or not. However, I wouldn't call it viable in most cases (ultimately, not worthy of having an analysis.)
      Also, Charizard is even worse - rock weakness, frail, obsoleted - not worth it, either

      Would you like me to delete them? Or no?

      Also, I plan on cleaning up some of the clutter (since OU Wiki is, admittedly, not that great at the moment) once I get a break from work. It'll probably sometime in the near future.
    22. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      ...I see. That's rather odd. ._.
    23. Angel Flonne
    24. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      take it easy
    25. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      Oh right they dropped
    26. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      no, make a duskull analysis
      dragonair is most definitely not the last nu

      how can you not want
    27. MinusMinun
      Randomly saying HI
    28. Hannah
      I am not :o

      Also they're both cute :3
    29. Hannah
      Oh my god that was adorable ;_;

      I watched it like thrice before it reminded me of this :3
    30. Fuzzysqurl
      Just make sure it is standardized. The Kingdra one is weird but it somewhat makes sense.
    31. Fuzzysqurl
      If you wanna fix it, find everything that is accurate and move to pre-ban. I can mass revert all the edits from him if you're up to moving, since that way, everything will stay consistent.

      The guy does have a point, there are a bunch of analyses not marked "pre-ban"
    32. Virizion
      Okay, thanks.
    33. Virizion
      Hey Spoovo, I got ill with chocken pox so I analyses are harder to write. But for now, do any of the following need to be added on the PO Wiki Forums? They are some Wifi UU analyses that haven't been said for a while, but they look alright to me (I may be missing something though xD):
      Golurk, Wifi UU
      Xatu, Wifi UU
      Zoroark, Wifi UU
      Sableye, Wifi UU
      Krookodile, Wifi UU
    34. puregenius
      Wow lucky :o

      I guess I'll just check it every now and again til I have 4 shinies i like for my sig lol
      Chimecho is one of my favourites :3
    35. puregenius
      just went to check my eggs randomly and it turns out one was shiny :O
    36. puregenius
      Alright I give up on the egg game lol
    37. Virizion
      Going back to writing and editing Wifi UU Analyses on August 15th 2013!
    38. Hobbes2
      ugh, sorry about the delay. I'm having trouble using my brain, so it's getting annoying. I will do my best to try and get it on there :L
    39. Fuzzysqurl
      But you can always just make a fake email, or trash email, and then get through that way.
    40. Scene
      Poovo the Spirate is just making me giggle so much to myself right now

      clearly my sense of humour is so highbrow...
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